Arizona Has A Growing Medical Marijuana Issue — No Collectives!


After procrastinating for more than a year to allow for political scheming, it appears as if Arizona may finally enjoy the freedom that 16 other states, plus the District of Colombia have enjoyed for many years — medical marijuana.

While the hand ringing politicians, banter back and forth as to who will pay for this, or benefit from that; this voter approved bill has been sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the legislators in the Capitol building to do their jobs and make this bill a reality.

The pathetic and sick part about this delay is that 1000’s of approved medical marijuana patients who followed the requirements of the marijuana regulation and received their MMJ recommendation — they came to discover that the state of AZ was not in any rush to allow for the true medical compassion voters approved bill and that the collectives wouldn’t be opening any time soon.

On the national front of the marijuana battles, a similarly disturbing collective whisper is being overheard from MMJ patients across this wonderfully confused and mislead county. As states and their politicians with freshly cultivated MMJ laws and regulation grow through the learning curve there are going to be these minor obstacles to obtaining full bloom of each individual program.

When looking in the rear-view mirror of our country’s history, we can see that choking out a 100’ years of ignorance and prejudice won’t transpire without being nurtured and cared for like our marijuana plants. While this is a painfully slow process, it has forced hordes of MMJ card holders to consider other means by which to obtain their life changing marijuana.

For those who grow their own marijuana medicine as a rite of passage into the world of holistic medicine; many have come to terms with the inaction of the states and the feds and realized the value in being able to provide their own medical marijuana by cultivating it for themselves.

More medical marijuana patients are searching for the knowledge of the cultivating “Buddha”. They want to be able to produce their own organic, CBD rich pain medications from a plant.  This is where things start to get interesting. As small spaces and other limitations of ones grow room now comes into play, you quickly discover that it’s time to do a little learning. A cultivators natural curiosity inevitably leads the average grower in to the realm of hydroponics. Today’s modern hydroponic gear has the ability to grant many more opportunities with nutrient feedings, pH control, greats harvests weights and far quicker cultivation periods.

Massive Improvements in today’s growing equipment has led to better HPS lights, more powerful ventilation and automation controls that provides the capability to cultivate your plants with a better productivity – particularly  for the one off gardener in closets or other restricted areas.

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