Congressional Gang Of 5 Marijuana Supporters: Were Down For Smarter Marijuana Laws


Apparently sanity is slow to cultivate, but welcome when it flourishes. It appears that Ron Paul’s fight for marijuana laws that convey some sort of intelligence in today’s modern world, was joined by five Congressional Representatives. The gang of 5, who pledge to carry on Ron Paul’s fight for sanity, regarding marijuana laws are:

1.)    Democrat, Charlie Rangel

2.)     Democrat, Sam Farr

3.)     Democrat, Steve Cohen

4.)     Democrat, Barbara Lee,

5.)     Republican, Dana Rohrabacher

Ron Paul and Barney Frank last year joined together to create some very innovative and thought-provoking marijuana legislation that would have repealed the federal government’s current prohibition against marijuana. This bill which would have allowed for full scale scientific studies on the different Cannabinoids that are known to exist in the marijuana plants chemical makeup, never made it out of committee due to lack of support.

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When the gang of five were approached by an online site known as politico recently, to answer a form question for all policymakers… “will the push to legalize pot fade away” – it seems that all agreed that the simple answer to that question was no.


Marijuana decriminalization is an issue that will undoubtedly become more prevalent over time.


I believe that the federal government should stop targeting the legal vendors that are providing safe…


The movement to allow for the medicinal use of marijuana in particular saw growing support just last week when I, along with Congressmen Hinchey, McClintock, and Farr, introduced an amendment that would prevent the Department of Justice from using funds to prevent states from implementing their own medical marijuana laws.


This is an important bipartisan issue and the public is beginning to understand and appreciate how medical marijuana can help people with cancer, glaucoma, AIDS, multiple sclerosis and other life-threatening illnesses.


While Congress will certainly miss the leadership of Mr. Frank and Mr. Paul, the fact is that the war on drugs has failed. These failed policies will mean that the fight for sane policy will continue: Source


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  1. thechristianshaman87 on

    The Government needs to legalize cannabis and start on other stuff that actually hurts people like the new world order drugs and alcohol whens the last time some has got high on cannabis and shot someone, you hear it all the time with crack heads, and alcohol but when someone smokes cannabis they not going to be mad or want to hurt someone there high and relaxed!

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  3. FlyingTooLow on

    When will justice be served?

    I spent 5 years in a US Federal Prison for a marijuana offense.

    I was convicted of conspiracy to import and distribute 12,000 pounds of the ‘evil weed.’ I have since mended my lowdown ways. But not my beliefs.

    My book: Shoulda Robbed a Bank

    I wrote about numerous smuggling operations: from Colombia, South America, the Bahama Islands, and Mexico. Yes, the book is presented as ‘fictional comedy.’

    I admit, I had a great time. Each escapade is presented as a short story. I wrote from a humorous perspective, after finally reaching the point where all I could do was laugh.

    While in prison, I watched armed bank robbers come and go…some in as little as 20 months. I had a first hand look at just how ludicrous our pot laws truly are.

    When I finally went to the parole board, after over 3 years behind the wall, I pointed out to the ‘panel members’ that I had witnessed at least 5 bank robbers leave AND COME BACK while I sat there for pot!
    The parole panel’s response: “You must understand that yours was a very serious offense.”

    Pot? Marijuana? Mine is serious but armed bank robbery is not?

    Please check out the book. And don’t let the price scare you away: $2.99.
    I know…outrageously expensive…but, I need the money.

  4. Congressman Farr is not only a Leader when it comes to Smart and Sane Laws around Marijuana, He was one of 5 Congressman who voted “NO” for the Original Iraq War Resolution. He told Me that it was a Vote that He was sure it would be the end of His Congressional Career. I thank God He is still a Leader in Congress and a Leader on Issues of Civil , Human and Environmental Right’s. The Central Coast and California is very fortunate to have an Individual like Sam Farr in Congress.

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