Connecticut Legalizes Marijuana for Medical Purposes


Light one up (for your health) and for Connecticut, the 17th medical marijuana state in the United States of America. After a 10 hour debate, the state Senate voted 21 to 13 in favor of the marijuana bill, and once Governor Dannel P. Malloy signs off on the bill, Connecticut will have a medical marijuana program.

Yes, the state’s policy does restrict use to those with severe medical conditions and will be heavily policed. But more importantly, Connecticut joins Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, and New Jersey as the latest East Coast state to accept medical marijuana into its doctrine.

New York can’t be far behind.

[The New York Times]

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  1. Legalizing medical marijuana is a deal with the Devil for the sake of the folks suffering most. However, the real problems is why we have tolerated the theft of our most basic rights to make our own choices in life.

    So, don’t celebrate too much. Legalization, regulation and taxation is not the restoration of your liberty and that is what this is really about. Don’t beg the Devil for a joint demand your freedom from it.

  2. lonelyjimmyg on

    Now if people can put a bug in Mayor Bloombergs’ ear about this the state of New York will be on the way to having medical marijuana laws. The man is uber-rich and if we can get him behind us on this the we will be well on our way to finally having medical marijuana laws here in New York.

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  4. Thank you Connecticut It’s about time!! New York you have to be next what are you waiting for? The politicians must be seeing what it can do for our economy. Not to mention all its several medicinal purposes. Now what we need is the Federal Gov to recognize and RESPECT the State laws regarding marijuana. I wonder if this will turn into an issue in the next presidential election?

  5. Wow! Very wonderful for them, and all those who will benefit! Freedom and liberty is just a dream here in Utah….we just barely were allowed to purchase alcohol on Sundays in Utah County…sad, yet true!

  6. Congratulations!!!! Surely the other states will continue to follow in the coming years! All in all, it’s one step closer to ending the furious and violent war on marijuana!

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