Devnver City: Medical Marijuana Advertisment Up In Smoke


Does this not seem like a step in the wrong direction? A group from Denver Co that calls themselves the “Medical Marijuana Industry Group,” is looking to rock the proverbially 420 boat – if it has its way. The Medical Marijuana Industry Group would like for there to be a self-imposed, citywide sanction on any and all open air medical marijuana marketing in greater Denver city.

As the Federal vulcher’s circle the carcass of medical marijuana during the 2012 election season, the idea was warmly welcomed around the city council chambers. The idea began seeping through the HVAC system at city hall like an old “B” movie plot — one office at a time, getting everyone high on the idea that MMIG has cultivated. I hope their ready when this ugly little flower of a proposal, buds into a stinky dirt weed of an idea.

The conception for this free-speech stomping, originated at the office of Denver City Councilwoman Debbie Ortega’s headquarters. To hear Ms. Ortega tell her twisted little tale of repression, the preliminary draft of the resolutions was intended to prohibit all forms of open air marketing including large elevated billboards – little street signs – or twirlers “within 1,000 feet of schools, daycares and parks.”

As she reached out to craft a plan to control medical marijuana advertisement, Ortega claims to have inquired with many marijuana industry groups, first and foremost the Cannabis Business Alliance and MMIG as a means of gathering their ideas in stone soup of bad ideas.


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