Ganja and Gun Control


Back in 2011, the Bureau of Alcohol – tobacco – firearms and explosives issued a directive prohibiting gun dealers from selling firearms to anyone using marijuana, including legal medical marijuana patients. The move has provoked outrage among cannabis activists, gun advocates, as well as most libertarians … even some government officials.

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Now when purchasing a gun, a potential buyer must declare on an ATF form whether he or she is a pot user. If the answer is yes, the purchase is automatically denied. If the answer is no, the shop’s owner can still refuse the sale if the seller has reasonable cause to believe that the prospective purchaser is either using, or addicted to an unlawful drug. Aside from the fact that medical pot patients are neither addicted, nor unlawful, in what capacity is a gun dealer a qualified person to make such a diagnosis?

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The ATF memo came about after gun dealers requested direction on dealing with customers who use medical marijuana cards as ID to acquire guns. Montana Atty. Gen. Steve Bullock responded to a letter from US Atty. Eric Holder questioning whether the ATF directive violates the “2nd amendment,” the right to bear arms and the “5th Amendment,” the right against self-incrimination; Bullock criticized the ATF for drafting it’s in anti-marijuana memo without input from state officials and pointed out the obvious hypocrisy — incidentally the study issued by the Institute for us safe medication practices found a tangible link between mass murdering psychosis and or use of prescription meds.

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      Pretty sure this is the exact reason they were against having pot users using guns. Well, one of the major reasons if you watched the video.

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