Marijuana Collectives Vs. Liquor Stores


As local communities race to outdo each other in their bid to be tough on medical marijuana collectives, they seem to be overlooking a few of the biggest problems that exist right under their collective nose. One does not have to look far in order to find these tormentors of society and a plague to the community in which they inhabit. Of course we are talking about your friendly, local, neighborhood liquor store.

Complete with tobacco products of all makes and forms. Baring warning labels screaming at the consumer, that this product will KILL YOU. Then there is the alcohol … we know the social plight that this substance brings to the table – how about the porn they petal at these place, there on display for all to see, great stuff for the kids. Outside these wonderful establishments, all of these elements mix into a wonderful potpourri of homeless alcoholics, mingling with prostitutes who have a nice side business as the local meth amphetamine dealer. All of this goes on unchecked, yet the federal government and local municipalities seem to find wisdom in going after a clean organic plant that has been shown time and time again to be a health benefit … strange hypocrisy’s for strange times.

In this day and age of rampant crime, gangs and youth violence today’s medical marijuana collectives are a beacon of safety within the communities. The clubs come equipped with security cameras, guards and eyes of all nature constantly watching the community. In addition, as a cornerstone retail shop, marijuana collectives are a value added business for the different locations in which they are allowed to operate. The Starbucks, down the strip mall breezeway enjoys the 420 coffee patrons that come in to purchase their products. Likewise, with the Subway sandwich shop, or the local antique bookstore. Bottom line is in this; in the 16 states [+ D.C] where MMJ has been voted on and approved by its residents, medical marijuana collectives are a legal tax paying business that ad much to any community privileged enough to have one.



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  1. Great post Betty! and for those agenda driven, one sided politicians and media who say the MMJ Collectives bring crime- maybe we should ban Banks, Pharmacies, Retail shops, 7-11’s, and donut shops too!!!
    I rage with anger when I hear about all the zoning laws with MMJ, yet there is a liquor store across the street from every school in America selling all kinds of deadly substances (NO known deaths attributed to MJ)
    This is a weak argument by those who wish to stifle our freedoms and liberties to further there own cause (Big Pharma, Tobacco, Alcohol, Law Enforcement or misguided Religious)

    • Shoot … Wax, I like your take on this. As I have posted in different areas of M.C we are always looking for bloggers with good article ideas and content driven websites to work with. If you want to submit articles, story ideas in trade for a shout out or link back to your blog, let me know.

      Send a PM to ScrogBetty ✌

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  3. Word… talking out both side of their tax money wasting ass. Outlaw the peaceful stuff, keep the hostile substance washing the streets with anger and violence feeding the corporate prison system.

  4. Thanks Waxzilla — But the credit goes to some hippy named Monterey Bud on the Central Coast. When I publish submitted blog content, it first take s my name, I then have to come back and edit the author.

    So thanks to MB,

    Peace ScrogBetty

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