Salvia: Legal Hallucinogenic vs Marijuana: Illegal Plant


What is Salvia divinorum … and how can this mind bending hallucinogenic herb be legal, while marijuana is a schedule one narcotic? Is someone screwing with me on this?

Salvia also known as Psychic’s Sage, Mint Magic and Sally-D, is a quick acting hallucinogen which gives the smoker an intense out-of-body trip, a feeling of wandering over and through both time and space. You feel as though you have been woven in the fabric of time and the inanimate objects that surround you. The interesting thing is, dissimilar to PCP, or LSD – the salvia’s high last for only a very brief period, usually somewhere between 45 min to an hour.

A 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health of salvia and of its effects found just over 1 percent of people age 17 to 26 surveyed, described consuming salvia within the last 12 months. When the same study was done 12 months later with 1,500 San Francisco State University students, the study established that 4 percent of the studies partakers admitted to ingesting salvia in the last year.

Meanwhile, the passive consumption of marijuana can cause one to experience; increased focus and concentration on the tasks at hand, elevating a person’s disposition, perception, and understanding of the natural world around us. Your heart may feel filled with joy and wonderment, while never noticed before, is now fantastic – all of a sudden you can see how beautiful nature is. Time has slowed and the need to rush anywhere has now melted away.

Many well educated people, from different disciplines of studies, consider marijuana to be a knowledge amplifier, an empathy builder… a substance that helps one fine tune our awareness to the environment around us. If one feels decent, moral and right with the world, smoking a joint may make the day seem even better. Yet, if one has done something wrong, hurt someone, stolen something, somehow disappointed their own moral character… then smoking will only heighten your sense of regret and guilt.

When I’m having an issues trying to figure out the moral complexities of daily life, I often find that the decision that I’m most at peace with, are ones I’ve made while in a peaceful place and high as a kite.

For sake of clarity – I’m not condemning the use of Salvia, rather questioning who’s got their finger on the  the Controlled Substances Act ( CSA). And why is marijuana classified as a schedule 1 drug?

 Terence McKenna Salvia in the amazon show the salvia divinorum plant and talks about his preferences when using this medicine


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  1. I don’t think this is the right approach… in my opinion these are two substances that should be legal, regardless. Just like cannabis, salvia divinorum has no reported cases when it comes to deaths. Both substances are (again, in my opinion) “knowledge amplifiers,” as marijuana was categorized in this article.

    Salvia is something that has been used for many many years by Mazatec shamans. It actually has legitimate religious use as it is considered a sacrament by many people. I do think, however, it is used irresponsibly. Salvia is something that can help many people achieve spiritual goals and inner peace. If one is not in the right set of mind, it could be a very unpleasant experience. As with all psychedelics, set and setting is everything! Consuming salvia at a party, with loud and obnoxious music blasting, is not the right set and setting and it ultimately leads to bad trips most of the time.

    I should add, however, salvia is not legal everywhere. In fact, salvia is a good example of how the system SHOULD work! Why? Because is not federally controlled. Wherever salvia is illegal, it’s because individual states have made it illegal. I’m not sure how each state that prohibits use of salvia actually went about to pass the corresponding piece of legislation, but at least the federal government has had nothing to do with it.

    Like I said, salvia should be legal. In fact, the drug is considered to have NO addicting potential. (Marijuana is said to have a LOW addicting potential, although I am not sure of the validity of this statement) Still, many states are making salvia illegal, and although I don’t agree with that, it is at least nice to not see it on the DEA schedule I drugs list. The same should be done with marijuana, letting the states to control it.

    Anyways, the point I want to make is this: This article is interesting and there is a valid point. However, this is not what we should be doing. A more effective article should be “Tobacco: Serial killer vs. Marijuana: Illegal Plant” or “Alcohol: Causing deaths on highways vs. Marijuana: Illegal plant”

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  3. This is what I think… I think that since marijuana opens your mind and makes you become conscious on a new level, the government doesn’t want to legalize it. I think they’re afraid that if they legalize marijuana, maybe most Americans would decide that they would rather use marijuana than alcohol, and then this constant dumbing-down of our nation would come to an end. Marijuana and other psychedelic subtances (like psilocybin, mescalin, dmt, etc.) make you realize something about the world and humanity that the “powers that be”, if you will, don’t want people to realize.
    Alcohol is legal and marijuana is illegal.. which to me, is even more baffling than salvia being legal in some places. Why? Why would this be, though? The only conclusion I can come to sounds conspiratory, but I don’t care, because it just makes sense, and I wouldn’t put it past this “transparent” government.

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