Mark Trail Vs. The Marijuana Farmers


I’ve run across a couple of blogs recently writing about the pure joy that they have experienced while a new storyline progresses in the Mark Trail comic strip in which the wildlife photographer takes on his most menacing foe yet: marijuana farmers. Yeah, if Mark Trail can’t save us from weed, no one can.

The story plays out like a modern day Reefer Madness, but I’m not going to pretend that I have any idea who Mark Trail is, nor have I ever read this comic strip. A writer for Comics Live gives a little back story:

Mark Trail first came to my attention during a completely insane storyline where a woman who lived near Mark Trail made friends with a deer, a relationship that made her physically abusive husband so jealous that he shot it. He was ultimately gored by the deer, which prompted his abused wife to declare that it was all her fault and promise to have a baby with her husband — a development that was considered a happy ending. It’s not a terribly progressive comic, is what I’m getting at.

As best as I can tell, the marijuana plot for the series is as follows: Ranger Tom Martin discovers that criminals are illegally growing marijuana on the land that he parolls, which is just about the most anti-environmental thing that he can imagine, and when he investigates the circumstances, he is captured by the weed growers and tied to a tree.

This results in Tom missing dinner with Mark Trail and somehow Mark Trail easily comes to the conclusion that something is horribly wrong. Trail then retraces the ranger’s steps, finds the “drug guys,” and fights them. I guess that is where the storyline currently is. Check out this awesome fight scene.

Perhaps the best part of this whole strip is the fact that every other panel inexplicably shows a bit of dialogue within a seemingly unrelated nature scene. So you get panels like this:

and this:

Although we can all hope the marijuana growers pull off some sort of comeback and take out Mark Trail, it seems pretty unlikely that this will happen. Still, this seems like a pretty great, if unintentionally funny, read.

[Via Comics Alliance and io9]

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