Only 30% Of Americans Want Tougher Drug Laws…


…But over 70% of California’s chronic electorate are sick and tired of the ridiculous drug sentencing laws and want less damning consequences when charged with illegal substance possession — according to new polling data from a Bay Area-based polling company .

The pro marijuana based poll was ordered by supporters of California state Sen. Mark Leno’s innovative bill, SB 1506, which is designed to decrease the unjustly harsh penalties for drug possession under CA State law to be punishable by no more than twelve months in jail, along with to fines and probation.

 This bill would make the unlawful possession of any of those substances a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than one year. [source]

Having less than one oz. of pot was reclassified in 2010 thanks to governor Schwarzenegger. It is now a misdemeanor infraction, but personal usage of other drugs … such as illegal possession of OTC prescription drugs, crack and meth could still warrant up to three years in jail.

Makes No Sense

Makes No Sense

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  1. thechristianshaman87 on

    You never see a commercial saying crack or meth ruined my life its always weed but what people don’t know is weed didn’t ruin their lives the government did by sticking them in jail for a herb!

  2. Sharon Letts on

    Public perception is the slowest growing weed on the planet.

    It’s been known for years that big Tobacco has an interest in growing Cannabis. Big pharma has been asking to grow organic Cannabis,stating it’s cheaper for them than manufacturing the synthetic Marinol, already admitting it’s more effective. The U.S. Government holds the patent on the two words implying Cannabis, “Medical Marijuana,” The word Cannabis is a botanical name – a natural plant can’t be patented. This is business.

    In Humboldt County, where I make my home, it’s known that big Tobacco already has land holdings and warehouse interests. It’s a natural transition for them and those that grow Tobacco for them. And remember, the stigma, or negative public perception, of Tobacco is greater than that of Cannabis worldwide. Big Tobacco will never beat the negative rap, but can transition to growing the more widely accepted Cannabis in time.

    Here’s a short history lesson to help you understand how strong public perception can be, how long it takes for a stigma to go away, and how things can change in time… For more than twenty years after the Clean Air and Water bills (circa 1973/74) companies who manufacturer cleaning products did not advertise the change. Why? Because the public’s perception at that time was, natural products did not work. Why? Because the manufacturers said its new products were “new and improved” and spread propaganda, otherwise known as commercials, for years – and a new public perception was created.

    Why choose vinegar over chemical cleaners? Why do consumers think they need foam to get something clean? Why choose Cannabis over synthetic prescription medicines?

    The same companies will tout Cannabis soon enough, but it’s a process for them, and it takes time to change our minds.

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