Police Gave Occupy Activists Free Weed as Part of a Study


By most accounts, the Occupy Wall Street and the police are mortal enemies, consistently battling in cities around the country. But, in Minnesota, Occupy activists are claiming that police are picking up protesters (as well as other citizens) and getting them high as part of a study to see how marijuana, and harder drugs, impair people.

Yeah, the police in Minneapolis are giving people free drugs.

The program apparently involves a brief interview with police officers where the person is driven to a facility outside Minneapolis and then given their drug of choice to use on site, whether that be weed, coke, or speed. The officers then observe for 45 minutes how the citizen behaves while they are impaired as part of training and finally drop the person off at the same location that they were picked up.

In the above video, it is apparent that there is a discrepancy between what the citizens claim is happening, that they are being given drugs and having their behavior observed, and what police claim is happening, that they are picking up people who are already impaired and observing their behavior.

As pointed out by The Raw Story, one activist named Panda described the testing that occurred as involving the checking of eyes and the checking of blood pressure. Another subject claims to having been subjected to a urine drug test.

As these allegations of alleged practices are coming to light, one council member, Cam Gordon, noted that a mother of one of the study participants had contacted him.

Last night, I was called by a concerned mother who was very upset because her son had been given free drugs by a police officer when he went out to participate in what he thought would be social action in a public plaza to help improve his community and country. She was shocked to learn from her son later that police gave her son illegal drugs and asked him to use them, indicating that it was okay and that it was part of a police program.”

Her trust in the police was broken and she was baffled at how such a thing could ever be condoned by her government. She felt that it was the police’s responsibility to help keep her son safe and protect him from harm and consider that by their action the police had put him in harms way and as a violation of a public trust.

One of the things that is most concerning about this to me is how the young and vulnerable appear to be being targeted. Beyond that, I cannot see how this program, practiced how it apparently is being practiced, can be considered ethical or in the public interest.”

One of the things noted in the video is that it seems like the police are coming from other counties to participate in the study, and the spokesperson for the Minnesota State Patrol said that officials are looking into the allegations.

If these are indeed true, the practices of the police seem highly illegal and dangerous. The man making the video points out that this could be a major health issue if someone were to be hurt by the free drug that the police are providing. In addition, it must be pointed out the hypocrisy of giving someone free drugs to study them so can you can better arrest someone for doing the same drugs. It seems likely that the Minnesota police officers involved in this could be in a lot of trouble. For now, this entire story almost seems far-fetched, if not for the extensive footage that the above movie has captured.

Would you get high in front of a cop?

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    I don’t trust the police. “here’s some free weed”. So you smoke it and then thy arrest you. Anyway, it’s probably shit weed

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