Only 36 Percent Of Americans Are Against Marijuana Legalization


A concentrated preponderance of the voters countrywide are showing their passion for legalizing and regulating marijuana comparable to the manner in which alcohol and cigarettes are presently controlled. As the polls show most US citizens don’t believe smoking marijuana should be a crime for people to consume within the discretion of their own homes.

A recent nationwide study of would be electorates showed that 56 percent favor the outright marijuana legalization, along with a strict regulating of the marijuana industry. This is similar to the business model that our “good ol boy” networks, the alcohol and tobacco industries have been using for years.

Currently only 36 percent of Americans are staunchly against the common sense goal of freeing this plant and legalizing / regulating marijuana. (View Poll Results)

“A solid majority of voters nationwide favor legalizing and regulating marijuana similar to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are currently regulated,” reports the polling firm Rasmussen.

“A new national telephone survey of Likely Voters shows that 56% favor legalizing and regulating marijuana in a similar manner to the way alcohol and tobacco cigarettes are regulated. Thirty-six percent (36%) are opposed to such a legalizing and regulating pot.” [Source]

Everyone is tired of feeling threatened by these outdated federal marijuana laws.  We all know what could be saved by educating, rather than imprisoning those with substance issue… I’m thinking that our group gathered here at C.U. on 4.20.2012 would agree

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    • Thank you for using a valid resource to substantiate this fallacious law. It’s important to remain pragmatic in the continued approach to informing, or even educating, the general public or we’ll burn our own fingers taking the prohibitive stance. The country is and becoming a bit more closed minded due to so much instability and for the uninformed the inclination of increased instability is a monumental deterrer. I understand that employers can now look at a FB page and form unrelated opinions, so while not hitting the “like” button copy and paste the url to at least “inform” your contacts. Approval grows with awareness.


    • I totally for legalizing it man alchole is poision but socialy acceptable,marijuana is only a gate way drug if there is no education on drugs so stop blaming others for ur non control of ur kids and let us who don’t drink smoke some all natural plats….there’s no processsing weed or add chemicals like cigs or won’t cause live faiuler like alchole so ya go prop 430 if that’s what its called lol

      • Apparently, it makes you a retarded typist though. That has to be some of the worst grammar I have ever seen. Marijuana should not be legal. Maybe they should just make alcohol and cigarettes illegal so you all won’t have anything to bitch about anymore.

          • Let me tell you, I’ve seen WAY more annoying teenage girls using horrible grammar than high people. Just because a person has attributes you find undesirable does not change the validity of an unrelated opinion. A good and fair argument should persuade people of all levels of intelligence/education. Extreme case: a serial killer who believes poverty should be abolished is not wrong simply because he has killed people (this example assumes you believe killing is wrong and poverty is bad). People who smoke and are already of lower intelligence/education are used too often as unfair circumstantial evidence against marijuana. I assume you are aware that millions people smoke, how often do you hear about bad things that came of people being high (excluding being caught, which is only ‘bad’ because it results in punishment by an entity other than the person who is actually high)? Now compare that to sleep deprivation or poor nutrition.

        • I hope you get jailed for a behavioral crime. Honest – it would be humbling for you to experience the feeling of being in handcuffs, because you did something that made someone else uncomfortable.

        • I must agree that guy needs to go back to school. Not all pro advocated are that bad at spelling (or reading.) I think anybody who who is anti marijuana needs to do a little research on the subject . legalized weed is bringing in 284 million in tax revenues to fund schools and law enforcement. all good right. you have to be ass backwards to not realize the benefits to legalization. good medicine, make you hungry an happy ,helps with arthritis. all pros compared to debilitating and devastating effects of alcohol. lets cut out the cartels and dumbasses and legalize it America!!! You cant stop such a large wave of righteousness.

    • oh how i enjoy your greed. We should stomp out electric and hybrid cars also .
      tobacco is addictive cannabis is not , so don’t worry your profits won’t shrink.

    • Sorry that ur trying to get rich off ppl dieing from cancer,its sad that for ur wealth ur willing to go with tabacco u greedy as republicans who aare for ur selves gosh its ppl like u that mess up our freedom cause if u political dicks don’t get rich then why do it seems to be ur attitude so to u I saw don’t knock it till u try it..

    • Glad to know you can ignore facts, sounds like a great policy for everything in life! I’m so excited your gut feelings are so powerfully true!

  1. The legalization of cannabis will definitely have a negative impact on the Industrial Prison Complex stocks! All of the prisoners who have been victimized by cannabis prohibition should be released from prison immediately! Why don’t we have a couple states like North Carolina where all the conservative assholes can enjoy each other’s 1950 mentality? That way California, Colorado, etc… can be cool 🙂 It’s called “States Rights”!!!!!

  2. I would have to say that legalization only give the people their choice. If u don’t want to participate in the partaking after the fact then thanks s your choice same as partaking in the consumption of alcohol or tobacco. I for instance don’t partake in any tobacco products for personal choice and never have although there are millions out that that do so to each their own. As for myself yes I believe that legalization would be more beneficial then it would be harmful.


  4. maryhoodaberries on

    Marijuana is a plant that grows everywhere and should be legal to consume especially for medical purposes. However, I do not see a problem with smoking it recreationally either. People who use marijuana are calmer nicer and are fun to be around unlike people who are drunk who throw up get alcohol poisoning and have addiction to alcohol. If given the choice to smoke cigarettes drink alcohol or use marijuana I am all for using marijuana…

  5. I agree SHOULD be Legalized! BUT.. Not GOV run, controlled grow, with/by Big Union Growers!
    Thus Why I voted NO, on last poll, but agree it SHOUDL be lagalized. (In other words: read the
    fine print before you vote on something YOU THINK it freedhom of having, yet would take away many strains, add many not so good additives &
    pestasides etc..
    I would have Voted YES in a second, IF it werent for the Way CA. wants to controll this product!
    Big growers ONLY ALLOWED, but little buisness would ALL GO Under,ndue to GOV & Union Controll, with Added Charges,
    MORE TAX, when already pricey enough!
    So when the law comes up again, & says: We all can grow, smoke, buy, etc.. Then I will vote YES!
    I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR GOV UNION CONTROLL (like alcohol, tabacco industrys! Just puts More in their pockets & less in ours!).

  6. The “Portugal Solution” seems pretty favorable.
    Govt legalized everything.
    Govt controls it and make ssure it is standardized for those who cannot grow their own.
    MJ is open to home growers.
    All that legalization pretty much took away whatever the crime elements were using as excuses to commit harm to anyone or anything.
    Those needing treatment to get off drugs, get it, with programs funded by the newly taxed legalized drugs.
    The drug taxes also help pay for humanitarian needs programs.
    Sounds kinda good.
    It STILL leaves it up to the users to either buy some from Gov’t store, or to grow their own quietly at home, no harm, no foul.

    Right now, am fed up with the “Gonzo” dealings here.
    The marginal “legalization” has helped create some more problems,
    people are still getting some questionable weed–I mean, who the heck wants weed with a high paranoia profile?
    Hybridizing is good sometimes, but we need plants to be as billed, not just sold as “good stuff!” or other global generality description.
    ..not laced with other garbage, or “hybridized” badly.
    We could sure use something like “standardization”
    –maybe not like “purified BigPharma”,
    but at least when a person finds a plant that helps, they can be sure to get more of it later!

  7. FYI,

    that video isn’t of a rally at CU Boulder, which did not happen this year.

    It is the 4/20 rally in Denver.

  8. This article was written in Colorado and you didn’t even mention Amendment 64, the initiative to tax and regulate marijuana for adult use that is already on the November ballot?

    Since the author omitted it, the rest of you should know that Colorado voters will have a chance to make marijuana legal for adult use when they go to the polls on November 6. Even if you don’t live in Colorado, you can help ensure that it passes by donating money to pay for campaign advertising and get-out-the-vote efforts, and telling your friends and family members in Colorado to vote YES on Amendment 64. Go to for more information and to help make sure it passes.

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