Portable Vaporizers Vs. Non-Portable Vaporizers


Nowadays, the experience of smoking marijuana has branched out from your traditional rolled joint or bubbling, skull bong to the technologically advanced application of vaporizing. Using a heating element that never burns the weed but, instead, allows controlled heated air to be drawn through it is a whole new experience. This process extracts much more brain-enhancing THC that some say comes in at 60% to 80% potency as opposed to about the 15% to 20% you get from burning it. Given the different designs of vaporizers, it is important to determine how they will fare when considering a purchase. Below are the pros and cons of portable vaporizers vs. non-portable vaporizers.

Portable Vaporizers

These vaporizers either run on butane gas or a re-chargeable battery. They come in different sizes and colors with varying features. Two popular brands are The WISPR and the Vapir NO2.


Size – Both units are able to be discreetly carried, however, the WISPR is the better of the two coming in at about the size of a pack of cigarettes. The Vapir is more like the size of a microphone.

Easy Use – A filled or fully-charged unit heats up in roughly five to ten minutes and lasts about one to two hours. Like any vaporizer, it must be filled with ground herb which can be easily sucked into the chamber without a mess. Once it heats up all you have to do is inhale.

Clean Up – It is best to empty your chamber while it is still hot and the clean will be simple.


Energy – You must always purchase butane or remember to charge your unit.

Noise – Each unit (especially the WISPR) makes an intermittent hissing noise which can give you away.

Smell – Every vaporizer emits a strong marijuana or, sometimes, burnt popcorn smell.

Price – These units range from about $150-$300.

Non-Portable Vaporizers

These too offer a variety of shapes and sizes. Here is a general overview.


Constant Energy – Because it is plugged in there is no need for gas or batteries offering a continual, uninterrupted experience.

No Sound – These units are silent.

Hotter – Because of the high energy source these units can reach up 400 degrees. It is believed that the hotter the draw, the more THC is extracted.

Digital Window – Many plug-in units come with a digital degree readout so you know exactly how much heat you are getting.

Price – Although some plug-in units can be upwards of $400, most are cheaper than portables coming in at $100-$200.


Size – These units can be the size of an electric pencil sharpener or larger.

Accessories – Plug-in units need a whip or bag to transport the vape.

Smell – Because they run hotter, these units can emit a stronger smell.

These are just some of the pros and cons of portable vaporizers vs. non-portable vaporizers. Either way it is a clean, highly potent experience that everyone should get a chance to try.

Do you prefer portable or non-portable vaporizers?

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