Republicans Support Medical Marijuana Laws: 75% Think Fed's Should Back Off


Medical marijuana is presently lawful in 16 states around the U.S., as well as the District of Columbia. While all of these states and their voters approved of their MMJ laws, medical marijuana remains illegal under federal law. The fed’s and the different lobbyist that stuff money into the pockets of our lawmakers, keeping medical marijuana a much maligned and persecuted substance, even in states that have voted for MMJ laws allowing for its medical use. In recent months the Federal government has notched up their iron-fisted implementation of a  crackdown on medical marijuana in states that dare to go forward with their pro pot legislation. The new and welcome message from the American public suggests such activities will not serve their interest come November.

When the average American was questioned, as to whether our electorate sensed President Obama would be better served by respecting state medical marijuana laws that have passed – or go against them and use federal taxpayers dollars to arrest, and put on trial, individuals who are growing or selling medical marijuana in compliance with their state MMJ laws. More than 74% of US constituents countrywide believed that our commander and chief should respect state laws, 15 % felt his goose-stepping actions were appropriate and in compliance with federal law. Another 11% weren’t sure of his actions or what they meant for our liberties as Americans.

The idea of not using federal taxpayer’s money to go after state legal medical marijuana collectives and their growers, polled well across both parties and demographics, with 75 % of Dem’s and 67% of Rep’s … and a staggering 79% of independent voters showing their well thought out support for a detached federal tactic in dealing with state medical marijuana laws.

– Should the feds be allowed to use taxpayers money to arrest and put on trial medical marijuana patients who are consuming or selling pot in compliance with state medical marijuana laws? 



 RESPECT STATE LAWS      74%      73%   74%   75%   67%   79%

PROSECUTE FED LAW       15%      18%   12%   14%   19%   14%

NOT SURE                11%       9%   12%   11%   14%    7%


                                                  NATIONAL   18-34  35-49  50-64  65+ 

 RESPECT STATE LAWS      74%       81%    76%    76%   64%   

PROSECUTE FED LAW       15%       10%    17%    16%   21%  

NOT SURE                11%        9%     7%     8%   15%  

                                                  NATIONAL   WHITE  BLACK  HISPANIC 

 RESPECT STATE LAWS      74%       73%    81%     73%      

PROSECUTE FED LAW       15%       17%     7%     11%     

NOT SURE                11%       10%    12%     16%     



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  1. It’s not 75%, it’s 67%. Democrats are at 75% while Republicans are at 67%. It’s the second lowest next to seniors, which definitely tells us there’s some correlation there! To bad you wasted some time with that figure… Nonetheless, it’s good news that the national average is that high. 3 out of 4 Americans? POTUS should listen… let’s hope he does.

  2. alan van cleave on

    theres more money being made to keep it illegal. a law is just words on paper. they bust everyone in nevada even with a medical license. u can bring a cop to a house with pot and he’ll always bust u or steal ur dope. even if the law says its legal the cops dont care. they shoot people in the back here for having pot in their house.

  3. The problem is the legal drug dealers. They will pay-off the law-makers any amount to keep weed outlawed. All the mood altering crap they make billions off every year would fly away if weed was legal. Then add the booze companies, the for profit prisons, the criminal lawyers treatment centers. Forget it. People in power don’t care about right and wrong. They care about money and power. Period ! You get an occasional guy that wants to do right but they don’t last long. My advice is stay small and out of site. They have no problem taking all your stuff and putting you away for a while.

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