Santa Ana’s Rite Green MMJ Collective: Home of The Private Reserve OG


Santa Ana’s Rite Green Medical Marijuana Collective is one of the more sophisticated and zen-infused MMJ dispensaries I have been to in a very long time … and I have been to a bushel of them.

From the moment you enter, you feel as though you have found some place very special. Unlike so many of the MMJ clubs that are squeezed into the shadier, more obscure back alleys; Right Greens stands out in the light of day, a fully compliant California Prop 215 medical marijuana collective. One of the things that sets this medical marijuana dispensary apart from the rest, is the fact that; not only do they grow their own meds on site, you can peer through their grow room window and view a first class grow operation as its churns out the med’s we all need and desire.

The main strain that is currently being cultivated on site right now is the Rite Green Private Reserve O.G. Tested by SCLabs, out of Santa Cruz CA, this stick-icky contender tipped the THC scales at 20.3% and 1% on the CBD’s . As most experienced at medicating know, if you’re looking to relax, you need a high THC; if are looking to alleviate pain you need a moderately high CDB percentage. Since it was relaxation time, their Private Reserve OG did the trick and then some.

The appearance of their PR OG was dense, and sticky. The nugs had that much desired… skunk OG smell, which can present only one small problem… when trying to hide your stash,  the dank stench will betray even the best hiding spot.

As one reviewer noted…

 Holy cow!!! Best looking clinic by far!!!

I finally went in after a friend told me about this place. By far the best atmosphere in Orange County that I’ve seen so far. After finding the suite, it was a breeze getting checked in and getting my meds. Very professional and clean which is VERY important to me. After the quality of service from this place, I’ll definitely make this my #1 spot. Check out their OG’s if you’re an indica lover…

Rite Greens Private Reserve OG

Rite Greens Private Reserve OG

Rite Greens Patient Waiting Room

Rite Greens Patient Waiting Room

Check out Rite Greens on WeedMaps, then head on over. Their located at 1801 E. Edinger Ave, Suite 165 Santa Ana, CA 

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  1. Hellooo! my name is Stacy D, I would like to say that on my first visit to your facility I met stephanie,very charming with her relaxing aura is a great combination, then as entered the Main ,with the comfortable big lounge area i was impressed. But when i entered the Med Counter I was flabbergasted with Sarah. She is very experienced and knowledgable with her products. Sarah made me feel comfortable and at ease with her patience. Sarah is very friendly and her aura tells me very outgoing. I had a fantastic visit and your security guy ,Steve was wonderful, he watched my bike! I’m sold ,Rite Greens is and will always be my place to go . I thank you all on the hard work put into making this place an “I only wanna go back to” environment. I’ll be your member forever it’s a Great place to go! Sincerely thank you,
    Stacy D.P.I.
    p.s. you prices are good too! /(*.*)

  2. Rite Greens the name says it all; the RiteGreens for the Rite Price!!! This dispensary is top notch, the atmosphere is great , the bud tenders are knowledgable and friendly , and it’s easy to find with ample parking… Best spot in SoCal I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of visiting!!!

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