Save The Bales! 160 Bales Of Marijuana Found Floating Off Dana Point


The wayward bales of marijuana were discovered Sunday afternoon floating about 12 miles outside the Surf line. An armada of authorized motorboats eventually hauled in the nearly 4 tons of the Pacific’s finest buds. The now, super dank dirt weed from Mexico was unloaded at Dana Point Harbor.

The very first call to “Save the Bales” came in around noon. Once notified of the floundering flower, an Orange County Fire Department boat, along with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department were dispatched to  gather the nearly 8,000 pounds of floating pot . Also there to help out were three privately hired boats that specialize in these types of events.


The U.S. Coast Guard and also the Border Patrol were also involved, he stated.

The bales put together bobbing within the water about 13 miles from shoreline, Balicki stated, without any vessel nearby. See full story



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