The Seven Worst Places to Smoke Weed


Some of us like to live on the edge. When I was a kid, I used to shoplift Snickers bars from the local 7-11 and then angelically give them to my mom as token of my affection. I knew if I ever was caught, I’d be locked in the linen closet until my 18th birthday with nothing to sustain me but Flintstones vitamins and water. Like so many others, I love flirting with disaster and sometimes this manifests as a strong desire to smoke pot in unusual or risky places. I understand the thrill of lighting up in front of a police station or in the bathroom at work, but sometimes, it’s not worth the risk. Here’s a list of places where the smart decision is to pass on grass.

7. Salt Lake City

Nothing makes a person want to blaze more than being in the Repression Capital of the World, but before you toke up, think twice. Possession of less than one ounce of marijuana is punishable by up to six months in jail and a fine up to $1,000. In January of 2011, Utah police raided a house for a small amount of marijuana and ended up killing Todd Blair, a harmless pothead.

6. The Airport

Sure, flying gives you anxiety. So, buy a beer because security at airports is extremely tight. If you bring weed into an airport, you are practically begging for a cavity search. Even in marijuana-friendly hippie havens like San Francisco, drug dogs and “enhanced pat-downs” are commonplace at airports.

5. Dubai

Don’t smoke pot in Dubai. In fact, if you even smell marijuana, walk in the opposite direction until you find a fire-hose you can use to sterilize any part of your body that may have come into contact with it. British tourist Keith Brown was sentenced to four years in prison after Dubai customs officers found a 0.003g trace of cannabis stuck to his shoe. It could happen to you.

4. Oklahoma City

It doesn’t matter if you are watching The Simpsons on your neighbor’s couch, or walking through fields of waving wheat. If the fuzz catches you smoking reefer in Oklahoma City, you’ll lose your driver’s license. So not only will you will be stuck in city that is harsh on weed, you’ll also have no way to escape.

3. Little Rock

I hate to ruin all your exotic summer vacation plans, but if you want to blaze in Little Rock, Arkansas, be prepared to smoke pot that feels and tastes like oregano. According to High Times Magazine, this city has the lowest quality pot in the entire country. Not only that, but any possession can result in jail time.

2. Singapore

William Gibson famously described Singapore as “Disneyland with the death penalty.” The statute’s penal provisions for drug possession are practically medieval, providing for long terms of imprisonment, caning, and capital punishment for even relatively small amounts of marijuana.

1. Malaysia

I know, the thought of smoking a bowl while you sit on a rock and overlook crystal clear waters full of happy, playful turtles is irresistible. Don’t do it. Malaysian drugs laws are the toughest in the world, calling for a mandatory death penalty in the case of trafficking more than 7 oz. of marijuana.

What did we miss? Where would you not recommend smoking weed?

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  1. Good piece here just wish you gave us a little more in dept information regarding each location kind of what does

  2. and…all the territory of the land of the brave…..the land of the free!!!!
    The federal states of amerika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DEA<ICECIA< etc etc etc is more repression here than
    in all the rest of the places in the world, I can wait to get the fu$# out of here!

    • Bloodhound on

      Why leave the greatest country on earth? If you grow your own, don’t party wild and crazy and do immature stuff,
      you’ll never have a problem. Don’t carry and if you do, don’t be stoned or smoke while driving, those things get a
      person busted. I have smoked since I was 17 and next month I will be 60, with four daughters and ten grandkids,
      and I have never been busted. Came close but didn’t happen. I live in Europe and believe me, it isn’t what it is cut out to be.
      I live in a Socialist Society, can’t own a weapon, and I was a weapons expert in the military, lol! Gas runs right at $7 a gallon,
      Diesel about 10 cents cheaper. Food mostly sucks, but the beer and wine is fantastic, plus, the Euro women, depending on
      where you are, are fine but expensive, just like everything else. Naw, stay in America and just visit Europe before you decide
      to make a move.

      • RelentlessTruth on

        True That…….All the self-righteous, judgmental, hypocritical, prozac pscy. meds. medicating, emotionally challenged individuals in dire need of behavior modification, unfortunately are the misfits who are the movers and shakers of the world. One World Order is closer than you think! Prices are ridiculous now………wait until the very air you breathe costs and becomes a Capitalistic commodity, as though the air, food and water by right belongs to them!

        Wonder why there is such ludicrous controversy in the world in regards to cannabis being the gateway to drugs while the real drugs are being smuggled in and out of countries internationally across borders. Yet, alcohol, nicotine, and pharmaceuticals or controlled substances continuously are classified LEGAL and are allowed to run rampart, destroying lives,destruction of “The Family Structure!”

        The financial control of cannabis is quite the controversy of the 21st century. Our public official representatives want only to divide the masses, keep the people in “The Dark Ages,” while they bleed us dry, enforce “A Police State” of Oppression. History repeats itself and so does insanity always expecting different results from the same stupid action committed over and over and over again!

  3. You left out good old Louisiana. If you get caught with weed you could end up cutting grass on a chain gang.

  4. I’m surprised that Florida didn’t make the list with Pam Bondy pushing for tougher & tougher drug laws all the time.

  5. Bloodhound on

    I am originally from Oklahoma and they are hard on pot users, for sure! I have lived in Europe for the last twenty years and got
    busted on the Holland, Germany border, years ago, with over an ounce of all the different Cannabis Cup winners for that year.
    They told me if I wanted to raise cain about them taking it, then they would write me up and I would then have a record, so I let
    it go. Hungary will send you to prison, but most of the other Euro countries are pretty lenient. Austria will take you pot, and maybe
    make you take some pee tests and pay a fine, but no jail time if your small time. It doesn’t matter to me where I am at, this old grandpa
    disabled Vet will toke till I die!

  6. I live in Massachusetts, and was very pleased when the state changed the marijuana laws.. Instead of getting arrested, here in Mass, with no matter what amount you have on yourself, if you’re caught with an ounce or less, it’s a $100 fine. I can deal with that!!

  7. So “smoking” pot is the most conspicuous…. But what about edibles?? Or simply being baked in public?? That can be your next question: Top places where you DON’T want to be stoned! Lol, personally, I can be stones in just about any situation… As long as I have my ClearEyes 😉

  8. Arkansas was only the first southern state to vote on medical marijuana and barely missed by 1%…probably will pass in 2014. There’s a lot of shitty mexi bud when youre not in the mountainous region of the state but stay up near Fayetteville and the weed culture is as good as your gonna see in the south. Its the lowest priority for cops in Eureka Springs and Fayetteville, both in the northwest part of the state. We also have the 3rd highest marijuana plants per capita in the nation behind Tennessee and Kentucky so I have no idea where high times got there info from.

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