Maui Wowie: Photos and Strain Review


Maui Wowie. Maui Wowi. Maui Wowy. However you prefer to spell it, it’s a pretty bomb and, of course, island-y strain with Hawaiin genetics. When developed right, Maui Wowie has got a delicious, tropical flavor and has a nice, heady buzz. While many strong Sativas have an overpowering fruity zest to them, Maui Wowie’s smell is more of a mellow citrusy one. It’s not the most overpowering Sativa on the planet, but it’s as smooth and good looking as any.

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As you can see, Maui Wowie often times has a hint of purple in it–from a slight tint to a full blown purpled out nug.  Unlike many Sativas, Maui Wowie stands out as an exception–it does not bring on a rush of anxiety/increased heartbeat that is often experienced with such strains.

There’s a reason Maui Wowie is found in over 200 dispensaries: it’s got a catchy name, a popular aura, and is a very solid Sativa.

Plus, if it’s endorsed by The Lonely Stoner, you know it’s good medicine:


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