The Upside to Vaporizers


“As a public service announcement…this is the real deal.”

During his 2008 special It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’, comedian Katt Williams introduced many people to a method of cannabis consumption that they’d never heard of. A method long used by those in the medical community, but that was only just breaking into the stoner-mainstream. He was, of course, talking about vaporizers.

There are a great many benefits to using a vaporizer instead of combustion-based methods, the lack of carcinogens being a commonly cited example, but there were two benefits that finally made me a believer. First, my vaporizer cut my medication costs in half, while simultaneously improving the quality of medication I could afford. Second, you can use the vaporized remnants to make your own edibles.

While mileage will vary with the quality of your bud, vaporizer, and expertise with your own particular device(s), any smoker should notice that their stash is lasting longer when using a vaporizer. If not, you’ve either got a poorly-made vaporizer, or just not be using it right. Make sure to do your due diligence before spending money on a device. While a Volcano will absolutely have you covered, not everybody wants to shell out $500+ on a smoking device. But there are cheaper options available, as long as you are willing to do a bit of research.

As I mentioned, one of greatest benefits of switching to a vaporizer is efficiency. After vaping your way through a bowl, any remaining plant matter can be collected and used to prepare cannabutter. Unlike the ashes created by traditional combustion-based methods, like pipes or joints, a small amount of THC remains in the darkened marijuana remnants. While certainly not as potent as fresh buds, combine fourteen or more grams of vape remnants with your stem collection and/or kief harvest, and you’re going to have some potent cannabutter at your disposal.

But what if you aren’t a fan of edibles? Does this mean you’ll be throwing away cannabinoids if you don’t use the vape remnants? Absolutely. Of course, you lose about the same every time you smoke via traditional methods. Joints don’t stop burning when you aren’t inhaling, and studies estimate that your lungs only absorb cannabinoids for the first few seconds after taking each hit. So the so-called “ghost-hitters” are still losing out too. When used properly, a vaporizer is a guarantee that your cannabinoids are in one of three places: your stash, a bag of vapor, or your body.

In short, a vaporizer is a device that makes the top shelf affordable by drastically increasing the efficiency of your cannabinoid-delivery, extending the life of your stash, and leaving behind a little something extra for your next batch of brownies. Oh, and as Katt would go on to mention, they get you really high. What’s not to like?

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