Top Five Reason Why Surfing With Flo Is Better … A Marijuana Strain Review


Surfing with Flo … A Marijuana Strain Review

Flo is a complex – hybridized – sativa dominant strain of marijuana. According to marijuana growing folklore, the lost origin of FLO is thought to be an amalgamation of  Blueberry, Thai, Purple Thai and an Afghanistan Indica mix.

The color spectrum on this genetic grows a variety that runs the gambit of greens mixed with a purplish-blue hued fan leaves; peppered with bright orange / reddish hairs create an eye-catching end product as a flower.  The extremely dense, shrubbery shaped nug’s are loaded with a mix of ripe amber trich’s when allowed to grow to full expression.

It can easily be argued that Flo is an acquired taste. Some are entranced with the skunky, kushed-out flavor while others can’t stand the smell … a matter of  perception, I guess? I personally really liked the genetics in this strain. With its overpowering fragrant hash scent, Flo is high on my list.  When I crushed these wonder little flowers, the smell of skunk just about knocked me to the flo…floor.

The immediate effect was an uplifting and wonderfully energetic sativa elevation. The first sign things were “all good” was an initial release of pressure from behind eye’s and forehead.  As peace and nirvana collide with the conscious mind, the focus of the daily rat race loses out to serenity. From a working standpoint, the uplifted feeling and positive frame of mind made for an epic internal battle to fight of the call of the ocean only a few short blocks away. * Side note: lost the battle, but – surfing while elevated has got to be one of the more therapeutic activities around southern Ca., and I was definitely feeling the “flo” of the 2’-3’ blown out, slop surf at 17th Newport Beach.

Flow In All Her Froms

Flow In All Her Froms

The Five Best Thing About Surfing Elevated:

1.)    You tend to not care about how small or blown the surf conditions are. You just want to get back on Mother Nature and float with peace of mind. This sativa strain is the perfect mix of energy and single minded purpose.

Flo Help You Surf Even When Its Blown Out

Flo Help You Surf Even When Its Blown Out

2.)    If the water temperatures are on the colder side… Flo’s got your back. She helps you stay focused on the lineup and the next swell direction, rather than the fact that your freezing your ass off.

Flo Helps You Paddle Out When Its Cold

Flo Helps You Paddle Out When Its Cold

3.)    Most surfer’s pull up to the surf spot – suit up and paddle out. With Flo as the passenger in your car, when you get to the waves… you must first sit and contemplate the lineup, check the swell direction and where the channel is. Flo helps to slow you down, there by more aware of the variables out in the lineup.

Flo Helps You To Check The Line up

Flo Helps You To Check The Line up

4.)    Dank Wetsuits? I hate getting into an un-rinsed wetsuit… they stink. Well, between the smell of my passenger of the day and my properly adjusted outlook. I’m suiting up no matter what.

Flo Helps You Get Into Your Stinky Wetsuit

Flo Helps You Get Into Your Stinky Wetsuit

5.)    Food or Surf? Smoke a bowl of flo… and food doesn’t stand a chance.

Flo, Surf then Food

Flo, Surf then Food


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  2. Phat review and great descriptions, when i get more time I will try and hep you fill in some of the “back story” to this strain as i’ve always found it both interesting and very good medicine for certain times for me as well? Peace, Steve

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