Are You A 'Day Tripper'? Win A Stealth Backpack!


 *Contest Rules Below*

Dope! just received this sweet and discrete ‘Day Tripper’ Backpack (made by Stealth products) –  we’re turning around and re-gifting giving it away to one of our members. For those times when you need to get from point “A” … to point “B” without crop dusting everyone in between — with the dank, stank from your KGB.

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This all black backpack is perfect in its attempt to remain under the radar of anyone trying to sniff out your much coveted medical supplies. The Stealth Backpack has the chronic capacity to hold over a quarter pound of supper stinky, skunk nug’s: without as much as a wrinkled nose, by offended bystanders or… drawing the unwanted attention from any of the local law enforcement people, that we find walking around in plain clothes daily.

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Due to their efficient use of a robust activated carbon padding — As an alternative some of the cheaper attempts of coatings and sheets of material to try to mask a robust smell; the activated carbon in this backpack uses a thin lining, which ensures your stealth nature. The lining consumes the smells and in its absorbent construction traps any unwanted scents, while being dense to enhance the available storage compartment within the backpack, yet – effectively invisible.

Contest Rules: 

We want – humorous, amusing and clever remarks as to why you should be allowed to ‘Day Trip’ around with this sweet nug of a backpack.

1.) In order to Win you must register with 

2.) No  crudeness

3.) No hate

4.) All comments must be made on

5.) 3 posts per users

6.) The bottom line here is -We pick the best comment, send you an email to confirm your righteous win, then we send it. – Simple!


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  1. JollyGreenGiant123 on

    I wonder if it blocks all the smell from escaping. I could use it every 1st of the month, when I get paid.

  2. Marijuana, pot, ganja, weed;
    A drug of hugs,
    not hate or greed.

    Blunts, pipes, vapes, bongs;
    Hit that shit,
    then pass it along.

    Puff in, puff out, feeling high;
    dream of cream,
    and cherry pie.

  3. “Even if one takes every reefer madness allegation of the prohibitionists at face value, marijuana prohibition has done far
    more harm to far more people than marijuana ever could.”
    -William F. Buckley, Jr.

  4. “Oh sticky icky in my backpack,
    How I can’t wait to get you back
    I know it’s a long way to our destination
    but you will stay safe in hibernation
    Your skunky smell
    always does me well
    when I load you up
    and treat you well
    this pack of mine
    will hide you fine
    even though your not a crime…

  5. I’m not one to wear cologne other than the dank sticky aroma left on my clothes and hair after
    I wake n’ bake right before class -_-
    trailing off the dank I’ve stashed in my backpack
    only to be scoped out by the lifeless

  6. With this pack I would be a walking bill board! Going to two new dispensaries a week, I would love to show it off up here in Seattle!
    What I would put in my new pack!
    -Bubbler Dab setup….check
    -10 different ounces from Sativa, Indica and some good hybrids
    -Pack a punch soda
    -Plethora of pre-rolls
    -Wax, oils, full melts
    and anything else I can fit in their…..HooRaa!

  7. Airline Drew on

    hide my nugs from the dogs and people that think its drugs, keep the scent hidden so no one can judge, i got mary in my back pack is it a crime to love

  8. I have a lot friends that would see it and it would love it if you need me it I wish I could buy one if I don’t win won but my luck is not all that great so good luck to me hope I win hugs to all smoke on

  9. Traveling around this summer in Canada and the West Coast, this pack would be the adventure of the lifetime! Hmm, I think I will take a picture with it in every town I go to if I win this pack. I know you would like to see some giant colas hanging out of the pack at the top of Crystal Mt. I’m getting my camera ready for the trip….Let me fill that pack with the sticky

  10. HarleyNiteStar on

    I’d take on a hike I’d take it on my bike if my back starts to hurt I’d take it on my trike

    • It was my Mom!!!!!! I Need that Back pack!!!!!!!!
      Looks like I’ll be traveling soon??? LoL, Sorry Mom

  11. HarleyNiteStar on

    Id take this cool backpack On a day trip on a beautiful ship from my lip take a sip leave guy a big tip go for a dip do a great flip try not to slip this backpack is so hip!

  12. I’m rolling down campus on my board,
    checkin’ the babes catching some rays
    On deck with treez,
    Hiding away the glow in my eyes
    Yet no pine tree to conceal the sweetness

  13. Fact: all potheads have a bag. Whether that be a hemp satchel or drawstring bag. Us stoners know the importance of a good bag, they’re vital to carry medication and medicating items. And this stealth backpack is the Cadillac of bags!

  14. For someone like myself who rely on walking and public transportation, this stealth bag would be superb! No more worrying about jerk who thinks ratting out someone on a bus is ‘heroic.’

  15. I feel like this is what James Bond would hide his stash in. Space age technology, that I have to get my hands on.

  16. For once I could be seen before being smelled,
    my weight in this sweet backpack being gently wrapped and held
    It would be my very own bank, and never seen without that dank
    I could walk around all day without ever smelling rank
    I could walk by all those ladies and they’d never smell that funk
    but behind those airtight zippers it would smell like straight up skunk!

    Awesome of you guys to give us the opportunity to win this!

  17. So I live here in Toostoned, AZ and go down south close to the border often to visit fam…my dad’s a Custom’s Agent and we also have to deal w/drug checkpoints so I’d LOVE to put that bag up to the ultimate test…ya know…if it even works

  18. Holly Colleen Brokes on

    life is like a box of chocolate you never no what you are going to get!!! But with that sweet back I would always know what I was going to get, all my sweet nuggets from all the great places in Denver.

  19. Before I get this back I have to double wrap and then food seal n walk to the hash bar.. now with this back I smile and wave and mave it seem like I’m in college haha

  20. Living in Colorado Springs Ive got so many places to hike, so many places to climb up to and burn some amazing medicinal colo herbs, but with the backpack i have now i can hardly hold anything because the backpack itself is holding together. I need a great backpack to hold and protect my glass along with my meds. I NEED THIS BACKPACK!

  21. Holly Colleen Brokes on

    Oh Backpack Oh Backpack
    Where have you been I need you you are my best friend
    with you i can not be smell from here to there
    Now i can smoke and no one will be where.

  22. Boy this would really come in handy!! I always hate going to point a and point b smelling like a skunk… I’m sure this would keep their noses from me.. Unless I over stuff it or forget to zip it…. Lol

  23. Garry Cawthorn on

    Boy this would really come in handy!! I always hate going to point a and point b smelling like a skunk… I’m sure this would keep their noses from me.. Unless I over stuff it or forget to zip it…. Lol

  24. My cousin said to me “I bet you can’t go a week without smoking. I said, “Of course I could. But why would I want to?”

  25. i need a backpack bad. mine fell apart. i cannot afford a new one because i am on a fixed income. i would really appreciate this backpack. marijuana has often helped me in my time of need. lets hope this time is not an exception.

  26. Sweetnnekked on

    I’m a day tripper from long time past
    Hard to remember when I’m asked
    It’s good to have a pack to carry my mind
    So I don’t lose it in the daily grind!

  27. weedandstarwars on

    You know you wanna give me that “Hash Pack” I mean come on it’s my birthday next week and you never gave me anything on any one of my other birthdays, not never!

  28. I’m a 29 year old multiple sclerosis patient and it’s very hard to smoke out of the pipe and I never try one of those until my husband told me so I was willing if you can help out that would be cool thanks have a nice day

  29. Got a good reason, to give me this stealthy backpack
    Got a good reason, to give me this stealthy backpack, now

    I am a daaaaay tripper, way too smelly, yeah!
    It took me soooooo long to grow this haze, you’d be amazed

    She’s a big ‘tiva, she took up half of my yard,
    She’s a big ‘tiva, she took up half of my yard, now

    She was a puuuuuure sativa, one big harvest, yeah!
    She took me sooooo long to flower out, but now she’s out!

    Tied her tops down, don’t want the neighbors to see her
    Tied her tops down, don’t want the neighbors to see her, now

    She was a puuuuure sativa, daytime smokin’, yeah!
    She took me sooooo long to flower out, and now she’s out!

    Day tripper
    I’m a Day tripper, yeah!

    Day tripper
    I’m a Day tripper, yeah!

  30. Walking over from Mexico back to Cali…. Think this might come in a lil handy… unless they smell my burritos.

  31. Now when I walk past people at the mall, People wont go “DAYUM thats some White Skunk OG!!!!!!!” :p

  32. DeathnBasstep on

    I don’t want the back pack, I need the back pack. Why?, You may ask…well plain and simple cause I’m tired of being harassed by the same dam security & Sheriffs everyday while going to and from school on the train…. Having to get searched or getting pulled off the train after a long days work wtf! Or being looked at with with, (wtf are you doing here pothead) eyes, I despise that so much. Just because I rather smoke weed than drink pills to calm down pain, doesn’t mean I’m a bad person…..

    Oh and it looks cool so there is a bit of want in there two …. GIVE ME BACK PACK SO I COULD STAND NEXT TO CERTAIN PEOPLE AND SMILE AT THEM 😀

  33. DeathnBasstep on

    Want the back pack so I could sneak into my room with out my Nephews asking me why do I smell like a Skunk.. lol True Story…

  34. DeathnBasstep on

    Odor Trapping Linen…hhmmmmm… so does that mean I fire one up with my head in the backpack and now one will smell it? lol

  35. weedandstarwars on

    because han solo doesn’t just smuggle spice while doing the kessel run come on you know how hard it is trying to sneak pass the empire smelling like dank barely made it to cloud city and even then..

  36. AnotherJabroni on

    Its really awkward when your rolling around with a backpack full of dank and you turn around and you see a trail of smokers floating toward you like those cartoons floating toward a fresh baked pie…

  37. I do burn, not worried bout that smell, but if you make cloths out of this, maybe stinky people could were them, and I would not have to smell them!! Anyway, I do work on the docks, and this would come in handy through Customs, I dont get searched, but that dog always looks at me funny!! ONE LOVE!!

  38. I am VERY much a outdoors person and live in Wa, and have some incredible buds that smell across the house… So you can imagine on a trail, or on the river… I would love it:) PLEASE K THANKS BYE:)

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  40. Richard Sandate on

    The reason why i should have the sweet nug of a backpack is because when im in class i am really sketched out in class when the girl ext to me says he hey not to be mean or any thing but you smell like weed.

  41. Peace n love i need a shirt datt says weed is not drugs why conceal such a beautiful smell!!if youre not willing to die for what you LOVE why love.PeaceNLove yalls:)

  42. I travel up to the city to get my 215, and my backpack always smells. And it’s a awkward train ride home. This is why I deserve the backpack. Meow.

  43. potheadzombie on

    id be great because I live out here in vegas and with heat it just makes the smell of the weed disperse everywhere

  44. WHAT! Now why conceal such a beautiful aroma ‘ Oh yeah to keep your nose off my stash 🙂 ExclusiveDANK

  45. bigboxofawesome on

    Maybe I could get late night McDonalds by all my stoned ass friends now without them getting all up in my noms.

  46. To avoid every person in every room you step foot into from doing the stanky leg thinking it’ll get them the Dutch (x

  47. potheadzombie on

    hey man with kind of munchies u want from the store ……….. what’s the stuff we use to get all the time that we haven’t had in a long time ?……… oh yeah it’s called pussy

  48. My choice is what I choose to do,
    And if I’m causing no harm, it shouldn’t bother you.

    Your choice is who you choose to be,
    And if you’re causin’ no harm, then you’re alright with me.

    If you don’t like my fire, then don’t come around,
    ’cause I’m gonna burn one down.
    Yes, I’m gonna burn one down.

    Herb the gift from the earth,
    And what’s from the earth is of the greatest worth.
    So before you knock it try it first,
    Oh, you’ll see it’s a blessing and not a curse.

    By: Ben Harper

  49. rich hernandez on

    i would like to win one so i can give to my buddy PMP, cuz he lost his sense of smell in a car accident and got me fired from my lob for him bringin in a pound thinking it dont smell cause he cant smell it!!!!!LOL

  50. Alright ladies and gentlemen, The contest is officially over… the winner has been selected and will be announced on ‘s Facebook page 4:20 pm – 6.13.2012

    Get Ready For Next Give Away: Got Dab’s T-Shirt Contest

  51. You got a good reason,
    for taking the Day Tripper Bag…
    I Got a good reason,
    for taking the Day Tripper Bag, now
    I have no wayyyyy, tooo carry..
    No way to bring my meds..
    So it takes soooooo long,
    To smoke out.
    And I smoke out!! ^^

    Plus I use a brown paper whole foods bag to go smoke in the backyard, because I always try to smoke at least 2 diff strains. Would love that backback. But either way I hope whoever gets it needs it! GL everyone 🙂

  52. This would help me greatly at my church outings. It gets kind of sticky when the pastor catches me eating my brownies and steals one, then later returns asking if I made enough for everyone because my “brownies” are a miracle from god and they have put him in the best mood he has ever been in. As I try to explain to him that they are my medical brownies he takes the bag from me and begins to hand them out to everyone. Thankfully this is an adult church outing and there are no kids younger than 18, so I just kept my mouth shut as my friends and random people at the campground dug into my bag of brownies. When I made them the day before I left for the trip, which was 2 weeks, I made enough to have 5 full strength brownies a day. For those who don’t want to do the math that’s 70 brownies split between around 8 people. The brownies, needless to say were gone within two days, but peoples spirits were better than ever so I ended up never telling anyone. The reason I need that bag is so that I can go to my church outings with a bag of bud, so that I can continue to use my medicine after they eat my brownies.

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