Butte County D.A. …Mom's Want To Know – Where Is the Justice?


As justice seems like a long lost concept in Butte County, a frightened and trembling mother is going before a judge today, the preliminary hearing is set to define whether she should stand trial, for “breastfeeding her children” while using medical marijuana.

As the witless Butte County D.A. Ramsey claims that Mrs. Bram residence was littered with curing marijuana flower, many MMJ advocates are rolling out the marijuana troops in support of Daisy Bram, 30. The local medical marijuana community summarizes this a  case of disproportionate prosecution. The insidious charges of felony child abuse, and misdemeanor child endangerment, all stemming from a raid by the slothful and mean-hearted, Butte County Sherriff’s on Ms. Bram’s Ca. Prop 215 Garden.

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Mrs. Bram’s attorneys have painted this case as an epic battle, between a mother, who chooses to breastfeed her kids, despite the fact that she is medicating with marijuana, and an intrusive local D.A., hell bent on redefining what is, or, is not permitted under CA prop 215. Her recent MMJ issues have focused a much needed spotlight on her case, when a cell phone recording, caught Bram manically crying as child state protective service workers removed Ms. Bram’s eighteen month old child, as well as her newborn. This all occurred when the Butte County Sherriff’s stormed their way into Ms. Bram’s house looking for her medical marijuana grow – the call hit the internet and went viral instantly. CPS took her kids and dropped them in foster care – where they sat confused, alone, and scared for 120 days.

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Once the preliminary circus, of a hearing was completed in November 2011; a relatively compassionate   Butte County judge dismissed the counts of felony child abuse against both parents…while still upholding the weed cultivation charges.  Butte County D.A. Ramsey, being the mean spirited gutter snipe that he is, re-filed  the ludicrous child abuse counts against the Mrs. Bram, noting that the infant child’s hair established a positive hit for marijuana.

All of this is set against a changing backdrop; Last week Butte County voters rejected a county ordinance that wanted to institute a prohibition on medical marijuana grow operations on lands of ½ acre or less and to establish  cultivation restrictions on big grow ops on multi acre parcels.


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  1. The first charges are BS. Cultivation and possession for sale. But why in the hell did she have ammunition in a house that a felon lives in? I can’t forgive that. She was well within her rots for the marijuana but the ammunition charges should not be dropped at all.

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