CEO of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps Protests White House For Hemp


Bronner’s Magic Soaps have long been associated with industrial Hemp and the many products that it can produce. As such, David Bronner, CEO of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soaps, stood up to the White House yesterday, to voice his long standing displeasure with our national cultivation of ignorance regarding the U.S. ban of industrial hemp.

The Hemp ban has been a national cancer eating at the fiber of the American farmer since the early 1950′s. David Bronner traveled to Washington in an attempt to shine a very bright light on the shadowy world of hemp prohibition. In doing so, he put ideals and freedom on the line for the advancement of  this incredible plant.

Early Monday morning from the north side of the White House, Bronner sealed himself into a metal, cell, like cage with several industrial hemp plants – along with a massive sign over his cell that  that recited “Dear Mr President let US Farmers Cultivate hemp.” As many may not know, Hemp is currently utilized in countless beauty items, textiles and lubricants. In addition Hemp is considered to be a one of the fastest Bio-based, renewable products on earth.

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The CEO of Dr Bronner’s  stood his ground, and would not come out until of his home made cell. – After the  D.C. Firefighters used a chainsaw to cut him out,  he was then arrested and taken away for processing. [Story]



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    • @padi: Same-sex marriage was never illegal, it simply wasn’t recognized by the state. It is still not recognized by the Federal government. But I see what you were saying. This brings us to leaving the power with the states rather than the Federal government. The Feds should leave Marijuana laws up to each State.

    • What does hay rights have to do with legalization of hemp?? Keep your hate to your self. The constitution is wrote on a peice of paper produced from hemp, if our fore fathers utilized this wonderful plant to forever engrave our rights, what’s the problem Obama??

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