Day Two At The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 2012


“The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which is their seed, each according to its kind. And God saw that it was good.” Genesis 1:12 ESV

As I have stated many times, and for good reasons… I hate to leave the office, or in this case hotel room. It seems that strange crap always follows when I poke my head up into the world of reality. It was early Sunday morning, and the question on my mind, was whether or not, I should indulge in some of these wonderful concentrates I was given to sample, before shoving off for the second day of High Times Cannabis Cup 2012.  Sunday morning in the Bay area, is not a quiet day… and I was not up for another hectic day on the local high ways. As I rounded up my roommate for this three day adventure into the bowels of the medical marijuana industry, Steve Tuck, a master grower from the Humboldt area, was already three rips into his morning routine.

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As it neared time for us to pack our supplies and head over to the event, I was forced to leave the hotel room without medicating… As it turns out that was the right decision. After ingesting a “quality” breakfast from our hotel, of runny scrambled eggs, undercooked bacon and diluted O.J. it was time to hit the road.

Now, well-lit with cheap coffee… shaking, jittery, and wanting to medicate, we headed north bound on 880 from Oakland, to Richmond, unaware of the bad craziness that was just around the corner. As Steve and I talked about the different booths that we wanted to visit on the last day of the event and coordinated our departure time, some painfully unaware… or overly medicated driver decided that a rapid lane change with no warning – was the way to go. As this visually challenged driver made a ‘B’ line for us. I noticed her out of the side widow and managed to avoid her. In my avoiding her, I moved over into the left lane… this caused the driver in the left lane to slow down and put him into direct contact with our now dumbfounded lane changer.

All of this was swerving and dodging went on as Steve and I were deep in conversation. As I jerked the car to the left to avoid the driver on my right, I noticed Steve was unaware of why I was navigating the car in such a violent motion. “Wow… dude what the fuck are you doing” he asked in his best Kentucky accent. I then asked him to turn around and look out the window, as he looked at the carnage left in our wake, he was mumbling expletives. Confused anxiety rushed through the car. Understanding the gravity of the situation that we just barely avoided, he announced that “These drivers are nuts.” No Shit! I thought to myself, wondering if I should pull over and engage in this nightmare on 880.

After a quick assessment of the situation, Steve dished out some of his old school wisdom and suggested that this was not our issue and that the police would not find any humor in our summation as to what had just happened.

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The rest of the ride up to the event was an exercise in self-control. I must have chain smoked about a half a pack of cigarettes to try and calm my nerves, yet the only thing I could think of was hitting that nail loaded up with some of West Coast Cures Hardcore OG Budder, which I had been given to sample.

Once safely at the event, it was time to wash away the tension of our commute. As we made our way back to the WeedMaps patient consumption area, Steve noticed Jarred from West Coast Cure in the WM VIP area and mentioned to me that its “Time to Concentrate” on having a great time at the event.

Whilst Steve was right, that it was time to get our minds back on track. My mind was still reeling from the possibilities of what could’ve been. One Dab was not enough. Two Dabbs began to make me feel better; three dab’s relieved some of the tension. But it was the fourth Dab that made me feel like my old self again.

A couple of joints, and several Dabs later, I was beginning to feel as though I could take on the Mobs of people that were here to enjoy the wonderful event. As I walked around the HT Med Can Cup, it became obvious to me that all of the best companies within the medical marijuana industry had gathered into this one tight little strip of land at the end of a burnt out industrial zone in Richmond Ca.

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The list of vendors that participated at this year’s event was extensive and deep. There were marijuana collectives from all over Northern California in addition to many edible companies, hydroponic cultivation companies, and all of the excellent concentrates that were produced by many of the vendors.

Here’s a quick list of some of the companies that participated at this years cannabis cup.

Seven stars holistic healing center, All-American cannabis club, Avalon wellness collective, bhang bar chocolate collective, Canna culture collective, Chiba chews, Elemental Wellness Ctr., Harborside health center, Hills Farmacy, granddaddy purp collective, Magnolia wellness, MTG seeds,  San Jose patients group, Santa Cruz Mountain naturals…

A big 420 thanks to High Times for throwing down with such a great event…

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Now for your winners of this years HT Med Can Cup.


1. Cordero Kush Platinum – S. J. Patients Group

2.  Master Yoda Kush – Kush Connection

3. Cherry Cola – Sonoma County Collective



1.   Premium Jack Herer – Playbud Delivery Service

2.  Yogi Diesel – Elemental Wellness

3.  XJ-13 Cracker Jack – Santa Cruz Mountain Natural



1. Larry OG Kush – The Ca Connection Seed Company

2.  Ken’s Phantom – Granddaddy Purple Collective

3.  OG Sky –  Buddy’s Cannabis



1. Hardcore OG Budder –  Superior Extracts for West Coast Cures

2. OG Super Sexy Budder –  LA Confidential Caregivers

3.  Unfuckwitable OG Wax – Venice Medical Wax Centers


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    amazing event… it looks like a good number of people showed up and it wasn’t extremely overcrowded

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