Drug Dealers Attorney Smuggles Pot Into Jail


Well – it was a rough binging of the week – more so for some, than others. A Pennsylvania lawyer who used to work as an attorney for the Beaver County public defenders office, Michael Yagercik – 32, has been charged with and faces counts of: possession of marijuana, possession of drug with intent to deliver, contraband and delivering marijuana to an inmate in the Allegheny County Jail.

According to Christopher Kearns, a criminal complaint was filed against Mr. Yagercik, by the Allegheny County prosecutors, alleging that Mr. Jaeger had brought pot into the jail in a sealed envelope. The envelope contained just under an ounce of weed and a small amount of tobacco along with some zigzag rolling papers.

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The attorney entered the Allegheny County Jail with the intent to meet one of his clients in Mr. Richard Jasek, who is also a convicted marijuana distributor. However, Mr. Jasek was smart enough not to be the one to show up for this, less than shrewd drug deal, instead he sent his clueless cell mate to retrieve a “package” from his attorney.

Problem — The Allegheny police had already been alerted that Mr. Yagercik’s was participating in illegal actions by a jail-house snitch. The stool pigeon stated  that Yagercik was paid five hundred dollars to smuggle high quality marijuana strains and other illegal items into the Allegheny County Jail and was paid a $1,000 to bring contraband into a federal  Correctional in Ohio when his client Mr. Richard Jasek was incarcerated there.


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