Flowers of Conflict: Great Genetics In Troubled Regions


While some of the world’s most chronic war zones rage on — apparently, violence is not the only thing that is growing in abundance there…

Pakistan Valley: The Pakistan Valley marijuana strain comes from the base of the mountainous system in the Hindu Kush region. This incredibly fast growing and fragrant flower tends to grow as a large bush, with long branches and robust flowers. The Pakistani Valley strain enjoys an overwhelmingly high THC percentage and CBD %, making its medication significance incredibly valuable. While the strain enjoys the aromatic scent that we all seek, it also enjoys an extremely complex variety of cannabinoids, making it one of the better medical varieties around today.

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African Buzz: This African genome is a brilliant 100% sativa flower. As the story goes, it comes from the Malawi region of the African continent. This strain displayed an outstanding phenotype which is generally appreciated by all, relinquishing a pain numbing elevation. This is another marijuana strain that provides a quick flowering period, of about 10 + weeks. As a general rule of thumb this strain tends to come with a THC percentage around the 18% – 23% range.

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Mexican Haze: Mexican Haze is a classic. With a bright yellowish, green hue flower with hardly any pistils to speak of, this south of the border special is a new school variation, of an old school genetic. The seeds deployed for this three-way genetics mix was brought into the U.S. from Mexico in late 1994. The female was a stabilized F-One Genome famous for use in many other strains out on the market today.

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Durban Poison: Durban Poison is a strain that craves warm, sticky summers and mild to cold winters. It is a sativa that has been christened in the name sake of Durban, Africa. Marijuana aficionados worldwide know her name. As a sativa with no parallels, a rip of Durban poison will leave your head medicated, and your pain in the past. As another good example of one of those earlier mentioned F-One mixes, Durban poison also has its roots in the F-One gene pool.

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Food For Thought – If we can learn anything from this tenacious marijuana plant, its that great things can grow… despite their troubled environment.

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  1. AnonymousHerbMan on

    I wish they allowed smoking mary in the army, because if that would be the case I would sign up without a doubt. I wanna go but I wanna smoke mary too. If the army allowed it I bet they would get a lot more people flowing to there, since they can be drunk and fight why can’t they do it high? Trying to shoot a gun high is much easier than doing it drunk, and some people find it that they have better accuracy when high. I dunno just sayin, if we fight for em we should at least be able to smoke some mary in the off time

  2. Agreed, but first things first, all Vets with PTSD should be allowed to medicated with marijuana if they so choose. As one who has smoked daily for the past 30+ years, I can’t remember the last time I had a dream that I could recall first thing in the morning. If vets that suffer from PTSD also have accompanied nightmares… then marijuana is their miracle waiting for them.

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