G Pen Contest: "Why Is The G Pen Mightier Than The Sword"?


As a medical marijuana patient, have you ever needed to medicate in a nearly public place, but feared being found out by the police, or other disapproving individuals due to that wonderful aroma of fresh burned marijuana?  Well the G-Pen vaporizer is here to save the day. This wonderful little hand held Vape Pen is easy to load and carry into any environment. Check out the video to witness just how safe, easy and effective this sweet little G-Pen Vape Pen is.

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Once your G-Pen is all waxed up, and ready to relinquish its deep, and richly rewarding hit of vaporized medication — it’s just a matter of right time, right place. Just about anywhere that you see regular cigarettes or for that matter other e-Gigs being consumed, you’re good to go.

Ordinarily these health conscious and stylish Vape Pen’s would cost someone around $100.00. But because Monday’s are hard and in some serious need of a mood elevation, Marijuana.com Is here to giveaway this slick little accessory to the winner of “Why is the Vape Pen mightier than the Sword” contest?

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Contest Rules:

We want – Insightful, thought provoking and astute prose as to how medicating with the G-Pen might help you navigate the hostile world-at-large, and where you might make use of it.

1.) In order to Win you must register with Marijuana.com

2.) No crudeness

3.) No hate

4.) All comments must be made on Marijuana.com

5.) 3 posts per users

6.) The bottom line here is -We pick the best comment, send you an email to confirm your righteous win, then we send it. – Simple!
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  1. The GPen can help me accomplish my every day life which is more than what a sword could do lol. I struggle day to day to medicate due to my busy schedule and work. A GPen could change all of that for me and create opportunities that even a sword could do ;). They always say the pen is mightier than the sword meaning that your words can create more change than fighting. A GPen can create more change in this word than any sword every could. If everyone had a GPen, the world would be a better place of people making rational and thought out decisions as we know cannabis helps us to relax and think about the greater good and how to get there!!

  2. ToadLeeStoned on

    THE (G) PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD !! even though ive never tried the g pen , i’ve heard nothing but great things about it. but yea after hittin the G Pen youll feel great and be able to pull the sword out of that rock .. (like in that disney movie.) hahah hope i win this .. PEACE

    one love..
    -Toad Lee Stoned

  3. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that the pen is mightier than the sword. I can picture myself showing this to patients at the dispensary i volunteer at and giving them the chance to see for themselves just why the sword is obsolete.

  4. Father of 9 kids on

    this is mightier then the sword due to the life saving versus life taking. this pen is on my list of “must haves” i would use it responsibly and promote it relentlessly. this pen is for the moments i go out and an attack arises and i need relief. it would be a blessing to my poor humble world of single parenthood.

  5. ANAHEIM 420 STONER on

    well i took a trip Saturday morning at 4:20 from Anaheim to Venice beach…. i went on my Schwinn beach cruiser an my other 60 friends went on their fixes( tour DE France type of bikes) i only had a steam roller i think it would of been a way better an more comfortable for me an my fellow friends if i had a low key g pen like that they wouldn’t of have stressed over the dank aroma smell that lingered around me.. but i still enjoyed the harsh trip..but as soon i got their i just wanted to puff away but the lifeguard was on point an the ATV police officers were out an about..so i didn’t get to puff away at Venice, too crowded..but if i had then pen i would of been king Louie with the mighty g pen sword.. pick me the warrior…

  6. The G-Pen would help me conserve bud and save me money as I don’t have alot of that being on disability and it would help me medicate everywhere where as I can only do that now at home. The G-pen is mightier then the sword because swords generally divide nations where as the G-Pen and Cannabis can heal them!

  7. ANAHEIM 420 STONER on

    pick me just cause…am a g.. jk i really want that g pen i only smoke wax on Sunday dab at the clinic i want to get used to it an what better way than to get a free g pen to medicate on that wax.. also i think a sword is just a meaning of violence an brutal killings an no peace at all in the other hand the g pen is a peaceful,creative,wonderful,amazing,an out of this world just right opposite of a sword.. i think i would very much appreciate this gift from the community of MMJ… PLEASE PICK ME am unemployed anyone got jobs in the oc anaheim marijuana industry.. hit me up

  8. vanessa drake on

    today’s law’s are to overpowering untrue to man and women’s true meaning this country was founded by men that grow weed and used it in everyday needs from bud to root it was used and not thinking once it was bad in any way for them so why now are we been arrested and jailed for it if the forefathers used it why can’t we they proved too us that it can be used for many things so let’s make it legal so of us medically need it ..thanks v.drake

  9. ANAHEIM 420 STONER on

    blaze it an ill blaze u out if u chose me… haha i get three comments right… well li think this is really cool u give out stuff mostly every week or month.. thumbs up from all my peeps… too down.. am gunna blaze a bowl to this in tribute.. ill be back to check in… give it to meeeee….

  10. When I’m on the go
    And I feel the pain
    No one will know
    When I hit the G-Pen
    The scent will not show
    And I know then
    I will feel better again!

  11. Ahh, the G pen
    It definitely hits the target
    Hands down the best thing on the market
    Whether in a cab
    or at the fair
    This thing hits good anywhere
    I wait for the flash
    While I vape that hash
    A good 4-5 times before it’s cashed
    Gotta grab some food
    Cause this thing is smooth
    and it always gets me in the mood
    Man, gotta love that G-Pen!!

  12. Marco Pineda on

    man with this pen i could get high while in lecture as on of my friends did and helped him pass with an A so i think this pen would help my everywhere i go party’s, lecture, car ride etc etc and its mightier then a sword cause dont know why just is

  13. Summer time in the North West
    Grab that G-Pen and put it to the test
    Hop in my car and go to the market
    Jump the curb and slide in to park it
    Head to the ATM and grab some cash
    Then off to frozen foods to hit some hash
    1, 2 hours inside
    Of course I left my wallet behind
    Rick Simpson, Dama oil and pure gold
    Don’t matter because it’s easy to hold
    Charge that pen
    and your ready to begin
    Just remember to lower your chin 😉

  14. Forget the glass dome
    You just leave that at home
    All you need is your G-Pen
    And your favorite BHO
    Off to Seattle via I-5
    Hittin the G-Pen as I duck and dive
    Looking for down town in this messed up maze
    Oh well screw it and load this haze
    Smoking out tough at my destination
    No one can tell, it’s like hibernation
    Watching the sun go down on these skies
    I slide my G-Pen in my cute girls thighs
    Her legs warm as she heats that oil
    I push the button to heat up that coil
    Push the button until it flashes
    Choke like hell as a cop passes
    No worries today as I head on home
    I’m really glad I forgot my glass dome

  15. the pen is mightier than the sword but actions speak louder than words for without the action to grab the pen and vape and meditate , the ideas that come from within will never be written. Having the ability to vape and meditate anywhere allows more opportunity for more ideas to flow. Thus eventually helping mankind.

  16. Yup boyz n girlz……..u might not alwayz able to hit tha g-spot, but when u do jus kno tha g-pen feelz even better!

  17. G-pen makes everyday medication smooth, odorless, quick and definetly effective. An odor free home is a happy home. Most definetly mightier then the sword.

  18. PurpleMonarch on

    relax with a G-pen, it brings pain relief
    while the sword’s sole purpose brings pain
    never thought i’d be tired of smoking good weed
    never thought life’d revolve ’round just this one need
    to keep the crippling pain at bay
    perhaps a vape pen is the way?
    everything, schedule around the pain
    still very socially isolated
    almost funny, surreal and ironic
    how cure and disease are both called chronic
    i’m legal, i’ve got the will to try
    the concentrate, i’d need to buy
    but what allure this pen presents
    a sword that slays the pain i sense?
    perhaps there’s not much to contest
    the prize, finally able to vaporize,
    with pricelessness of peace of mind.

  19. Plantguardian on

    The G-pen is the next new wave of tokin’ enjoyment. Since it’s meant to vape concentrates you’ll get off better than just smokin’ a joint (so you don’t have to cough to get off) AND you won’t have to worry about a tell-tale aroma givin’ away the reason you’ve got eyes as red as road maps. So don’t delay, send me a G-pen today and I’ll share it with all my friends and they’ll buy some too. We’ve all got those swirly Helix pipes… and they’re pretty cool… but these G-pens are even a better tool. I wish I could make these few lines into a sweet soundin’ rhyme, but I hope ya all don’t hold that against me. ~ Peace ~

  20. UnitedStatesofCannabis on

    Smokers smoke and hope to toke in a daily environment
    It’s no joke that when smokers smoke it’s always with the G-pen.

    Say this 3 times fast after smoking

  21. Who really carries swords around nowadays???

    Now, who carries a G Pen around nowadays???

    Well, I don’t but I will if you pick me! 😉

    Swords are too big and bulky and awkward! G Pen is nice and compact :). Easy to use and durable. :). Best way to smoke and Takes care of your vapin needs on the go too!!! 🙂

  22. In a treacherous world full of nosy neighbors, 5-0, smoke alarms and disapproving eyes, medicating out and about becomes harder every day. You never know when your favorite smoke spot is going to get rolled up on, its happened to the best of us. But thankfully we have the G Pen! This discrete vapor pen would allow me to medicate anywhere, without fear of judgement or law enforcement. The G Pen is mightier than the sword because if everybody had one, people would put down there weapons and see the truth that comes with the use of the herb!

  23. Recently Ive had to move into an apartment because of financial reasons, this being the kind of environmentally friendly place that it is there is no smoking allowed here. This has affected my life greatly seeing as how i no longer have a safe place to medicate and the smoke alarms here are very sensitive. Now of course smoking in the great outdoors is amazing and unequaled at times, but nothing beats coming home after a long day and medicating yourself into a nice deep sleep in the comfort of your own home. Im not trying to make you feel pitiful or sad for me but from one medical patient to another i could really use a tool like this and i dont currently have the funds to invest in one. Ill end this with a thank you for your time and your generosity and good luck to everybody!

  24. Chemical Elite on

    The GPen is mightier then the sword because you walk into a room with a sword you wont make the friends a GPen would

  25. Mike Swedelson on

    The GPen is mightier then the sword because Life is too short not to Vape. It helps keep my pain down so I can enjoy life. Marijuana has helped my cope with life and the pain. No more pill for me. Thank You for this opportunity.

  26. My grama recently bought a video recorder/camera pen,
    I gotta show her up with this pen…
    just like when she would use Calendula and I introduced her to Marijuana Pain Relief botanicals..
    yuuuppp shes a G of a lady 🙂

  27. jeffrey b hagerman on

    Being a medical card holder this would make it much easier to medicate when I’m on trips with the family. Being a single dad for over a decade it makes money tight and this would help alot!

  28. The gpen makes you brave and strong ,will take out any monster with one hit. And with a sword its heavy and no telling if its strong enough to kill a monster ….

  29. My Sword is a $10 pipe. So I am very limited as to where I can smoke. My family is very understanding ( I have Cancer)
    but they cannot stand the smell and do not want a contact high. So I am forced outside, sometimes it gets really cold and I
    cannot go out . The G Pen can be used indoors and that is AWESOME!! If I win I would be able to get out more !! I could use
    the G pen and no one would know.

  30. The G pen is like the master sword. extremly powerfull and only has true owner.
    and that owner is me.
    i would take this mighty pen and smoke places were it is not possible.
    wether it be inside the temple of time, in the kokiri forest, at the top of death mountain, inside zoras domain, or under water at lake hylia.
    truly this awesome pen would go with my everywhere in my adventures and make them all much better

  31. WOW I really like this…It would really be helpful trying to medicate when the grandkids come for visits….I don’t like smoking when they are around and this would really be discrete…If I dont win I will have to look into this or something simular

  32. The g-pen is mightier than the sword because of it’s ability to medicate recently I was at the cannabis cup and got a chance to take a drag on one filled with wax and if everyone had a chance to do this in life there would be no need for swords the sword people would love each other more and there would be less hate in the world if I had the money not only would I get myself a g-pen but I would give g-pens to other people in the world like you great people. If we all hit a vape pen we would all get along and. Vape pens equal peace, and peace is greater than any sword ever will be. Hopefully this contest is still going.

  33. im an everyday smoker, love the herb helps mentally and physically. I smoked out of a gpen once before and fell in love this is a must have! please help!

  34. Andrew Sandoval on

    L E G A L I Z E M A R I J U A N A:) M .MMMM**””
    “”**MMMMhx/.h/ .=*”
    [nosig] nP” “*MMnx

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