Give Your Dad A 'High 5' On Fathers Day


Happy Father’s Day and a big ‘High 5’! As many already know, being a parent is one of the more challenging… yet, rewarding jobs that can ever be given to us. Whether you are new to the job…or an 18 year veteran of the occupation, having seen your share of dirty diapers, projectile vomits, and run away fevers — you are to be congratulated for surviving your time in the trenches of parenthood.

That is why would like to take this time during our Sunday ‘High 5’ celebration. To say “Happy Father’s Day” to all of those dads that have stayed strong, been the beacon of light and wisdom — while showing the patients that young kids need, in order to cultivate strong roots within the entire family dynamic.

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As well, we would like to also it acknowledge all the single moms out there, which have taken on the heavy load of being both mom, and dad – do the absence of one. This job is challenging at best for two, I cannot imagine how hard it would be as a single parent.

Again Happy Father’s Day to all, don’t forget to give Dad a * ‘high-five’ today, he’ll love you for it.

*At the strike of 4:20 I’m giving my hubby 5 bong rips of some sweet Big Sur Indica

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