Got A High I.Q.?


While it might be an old report, it’s definitely worthy of repeating. Not that it’s a shock to any of us, but as it turns out, if you happen to be of the XX chromosome persuasion and a 420 fan? Chances are that you also enjoy an elevated IQ. Along with stated smarts, comes a 50% chance that by the age of 30 you will have demonstrated a propensity to enjoy smoking marijuana.

The ScienceDaily study showed 8,000 U.K. citizen between the ages of five and thirty were IQ tested, at two separate points during their childhood and then once again at the age of fifteen and thirty. The males in the group that had a higher IQ at the age of five, were 50% more likely to participate in various drug activity, in comparison to the lower IQ men.

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The association was even more prevalent amongst females, who remained twice as probable to have consumed marijuana… as those with low IQ scores.

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Why are high IQs and getting stoned relevant? The author of this twisted tale cited previous research showing that smart people were “more open to new experiences and keen to try novelty stimulation” and that …

The findings held true, irrespective of anxiety/depression during adolescence, parental social class, and lifetime household income.  ScienceDaily


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