Irvine PTA President Set Up For Marijuana DUI By Two Attorneys


Things can get ugly fast in this ‘The Stepford Wives’ community of Irvine California. Two overly narcissistic and morally deprived, attorneys had a pretty good idea of how badly they were about to try and screw up a PTA president’s life when they were attempting to plant drugs  in her car, then indicate her as a drug using loser.

The two scumbag attorneys were Jill Easter 38, and her husband Kent. Both were thankfully arrested late Tuesday afternoon and currently face several charges for their pot filled retaliation against the PTA Pres., who protected a volunteer teacher’s aide, who they believe had somehow slighted their son.

According to sources, the war between the two parties began in early 2009 late 2010. When after one day they came to pick their child up from school, they found him to be emotionally distraught, accusing the volunteer of leaving him unattended for an extended period of time. According to Mrs. peters… That never happened.

As the female attorney of the couple grew irate and frustrated, she and her husband took it upon themselves to seek their own justice. So with a morally adjusted compass, they set out to arrange for the PTA president, who would not properly discipline the school aide, to be busted for drugs.  At sometime in the late evening of February 16, Mr. Easters was thought to have driven over to the PTA presidents home and planted various items of drug paraphernalia in her car. The items were mixed bag of tricks — including marijuana, Percocet’s, marijuana roaches, a pot pipe, and some other marijuana paraphernalia… hidden within the car.

later that morning the husband of the attorney couple then notified the Irvine police that he claimed to have witnessed the PTA president driving in intoxicated manner.

Detectives later determined that the victim was in a classroom at the time of the bogus call placed by Kent Easter.

“Something wasn’t right and the officers spent a great deal of time investigating and were able to discount the tip as false,” Engen said.[source]

Our douche bag attorney couple is currently facing a righteous felony count of conspiracy…

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    As to “-don’t ever try anything like this again.” …

    @nuke You’re funny. 🙂 No account, with a huge opinion.

  3. Hey Nuke, not sure where your from – lol, But in any town America, this kind of stuff is news worthy -lol, Funny you have two lawyers screwing a PTA president -Not lol. Trying to set her up for a carer changing charge of a DUI -not lol. Then you have some foul mouthed Puke (Nuke), never contributed nothing, trying to “speak” on journalistic integrity.

    Thanks for your support ‘Sport’ … how ’bout them Nicks?

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