Is Marijuana Better In Butter?


Why should any sane person… decide to cook with their valuable stash? Of the many reasons that first come to my THC inclined mind, would  have to be …

A more elevated high:  Consumption of your dank trim will get you way medicated. Producing a completely unique high, relative to burning your med’s. Many first time edible consumers go on to pronounce it as a “more profound”  high… great for those with body aches and pains.

For those rare occasions when… you just feel like rolling a blunt. Say you sick, feeling out of it… throat hurts. But, it’s been a long and stressful day at work. When you’re sick and tired, you r throat hurts and you just want to go to sleep. Marijuana edibles are your new best friend.

Afraid of someone catching a whiff of your med’s? Fearful someone may a catch a smell of your stash – on your breath or on your garments; eating your marijuana provides a much better alternative.

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Burning of Carbon Plant Matter: While this may not come as a complete shock to you, but burning the marijuana plant material is where all of the dangerous elements come from — the same elements that people associate with marijuana as “the negative effects” of pot.

Marijuana Concentrate Butter

The first and worst mistake most marijuana smokers make…is that they expect to get elevated right away — you don’t. To feel the effects of the high usually takes around 35-120 min. to get the full Monty. Also, if you consume a lot, don’t expect to do much the rest of the day. Eating pot can really burn you out.

Preparing food with marijuana concentrated butter permits you the independence to consume your meds without worrying about the age of your med’s, as they are refrigerated after made.

Note: Just so that you can gauge the difference between smoking marijuana, and eating it, try not to smoke any pot prior to eating your new Scooby snacks. You be hella’ tempted …don’t do it. Once you have established just how baked you are, minus any bong rips… your lungs and mind will both thank you.

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  1. Plantguardian on

    I agree 100%. I’ve been makin’ cannabutter from my trim for years. What’s great about canna butter is that you can substitute it for the oil in the brownie mix and get some really kick-azz brownies that have a bit of a mild weed taste, but none of the grittiness like when people just mix straight weed with the brownie mix. Good advice and good article… I liked it.

  2. I love edibles, or as I like to call them, ettables! I seem to be very sensitive to the taste of cannabutter, though. I enjoy melting concentrates into butter and oil in my ettables. I do recommend starting small with that. Eight of a gram or so, to figure out your tolerance. Same great way of medicating, but it tastes like food! :}

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