(R) AZ Sen. John McCain's Daughter Thinks Marijuana Should Be Legalized


I’m starting to like Meghan McCain, the pot puffing clone of her father — Arizona nut bag — John McCain. Meghan McCain has come out of the “closet” on a couple of different issues in the last few years. Well, she was kicked out of the closet, during her father’s run for president, as being “a gay.” Now, in her new book she spouts all kinds of support for the legalization of marijuana.

In her newly published read: “America, You Sexy Bitch” McCain goes into the Smokey details as to her particular appetite for burning the occasional blunt (Who’da thunk?). While claiming that she only burns sporadically, that’s good enough for this old lady. The thing that strikes me as interesting, is that her pop seems to be on board with her chosen form of relaxation, despite his hateful rhetoric on the topic in the past.

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When Ms. McCain stepped up and spoke openly, and honestly about her marijuana use to the bitter panel on ‘The View’ recently, and spoke of her support for the common sense approach for marijuana legalization …Barbara Walters, dumbed down the conversation with a less than witty, “your father’s going to be so proud,” Meghan retorted, “He knows everything … and he loves me.” Hay Barbara… back off chick! While I may not agree with all that Ms. McCain has to say, she at least is showing the type of straight shooting honesty this county needs to move forward. Not your, sarcastic, Hollywood fake B.S.

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Meghan’s pounding the air waves right now, taking her pro marijuana message to the people. Her blunt, and forceful conversation on The View, came the morning after firing up the topic the night before on the Tonight Show. McCain came out with both pipes blazing when she gave a big 420 endorsement to the idea of marijuana legalization, then went on to speak about enjoying weed back in New Orleans.

Meghan first begins to become enlightened around this time ….
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