Marijuana 1,000 Times Safer Than Alcohol


As the debate between which is less harmful for the individual, thereby less harmful for society rages on between marijuana and alcohol. I was forced to ponder if there was some way of noting the different levels of toxicity it would take to make the person parish if one was to over consume of either of these substances.

While most clear thinking individuals, are under no delusion that any drug is good for the young and developing mind. One needs to acknowledge the fact that not all recreational drugs are created equal. While some offer a much different elevated mindset, some have a greater propensity to offer nothing but death and/or a slow demise down a drug filled trail.

In order to determine the proper application of a specific substance one must find the dosage at which the individual becomes intoxicated.

Let’s take a look at one of our National pastime, drinking booze. In order for someone who is drinking alcohol to attain the proper high, the average individuals would need to consume approximately 24 ounces of their favorite beer, or approximately 2 – 1 1/2 ounce shots of 80% tequila, to give the average person the a ‘relaxed’ feeling. When one looks at both the tequila or the beer you can determine that each beverage holds approximately 44+ grams of ethyl alcohol.

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Next – we need to come to a baseline, on exactly what dose might kill someone. For the sake of consistency we are still looking at the general category of alcohol. When one looks at hospital records it is easy to determine that the average person who passes away due to an over consumption of alcohol has generally consumed approximately 440+ grams of alcohol or approximately 25 shots of tequila.

Now in order for us to get a functioning number, we divide what we know to be as the lethal dose, by what we know to believe as the effective dose. The purpose of this is to give us a number by which we can assume, is our margin of safety for consumption of this specific drug.

In regards to your average alcohol consumption, the margin of safety remains 10 (440 grams= death / 44 grams = mildly buzzed). Thereby giving us the equation of 440÷44 = 10. Plainly stated you would have to consume approximately 10 times more alcohol to put you 6 feet under, as you do in order to get drunk. (Please remember these are all approximations). As each individual is there on chemical factory, there can be variables between each individual and negative reactions can be had at much lower levels of consumption, this information is only meant as a comparative basis.

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Based on that average margin for safety when it comes to most substances used recreationally by American youths, and using the same formula above to determine what the margin of safety is for these other recreational drugs, one can approximate the rate of danger.

An individual would risk death if they consumed 6 times more heroin, than needed to just get high.

An individual would risk death if they consumed 10 times more alcohol than needed to get drunk.

An individual would risk death if they consumed 15 times more cocaine than needed to get buzzed.

An individual would risk death if they consumed 16 times more MDMA than suggested.

An individual would risk death if they consumed 20 times more codeine than recommended.

An individual would risk death if they consumed 1,000 times more LSD or marijuana than needed to experience a high.

As cigarettes have just a minute hazard of instantaneous death as most of the extremely poisonous nicotine is burned as smoked. The obvious risk with death sticks is the enduring hazard of addiction and cancer.

No teenagers should be exposed to these substances. However, when one looks at the risks of instantaneous death by chemical toxicity – smoking weed daily is about a thousand times safer than booze or other substances.


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  1. Its really true that rolling a joint is far much better then drinking litres of horses piss . 90 percent of engenering .mba student take drugs to refresh the mind and bring confidence along with keeping u relaxed . Alcohol can never do that . There are more case related to alcohol then drugs .still its not banned as the goverment is getting huge revenues . What if natural drugs like hash , weed , mushrooms be legalised .wouldnt it be better

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