Marijuana: Too Precious To Waste… Preserve Your Herb


Today we’re going to spotlight the collection of Herb Preserve, makers of the World’s Best Stash Jars. Herb Preserve’s revolutionary jars were introduced in 2010 and have redefined the way growers and medical marijuana patients preserve their weed. Their ultraviolet glass preserves marijuana perfectly over six months, with some stoners even reporting good results over 2 years! Additionally, all of their containers are completely smell-proof, totally discrete and light proof giving patients ease of mind when it comes to privacy. And their customer service is amazing, they’ve literally never had a dissatisfied customer. Tiffany and the rest of their Los Angeles-based fulfillment team have worked extremely hard to help the company gain a reputation as the chillest company in the 420 industry. They’re not just a jar company; they care about helping customers naturally preserve their medicine to the highest standards of style and performance.

To help our readers decide which jar is the best for their needs, we’ve profiled each of their nug jars below:

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1 gram “LA Confidential” stash jar – At 1 gram capacity and $10, the LA Confidential is the smallest and least expensive jar sold by Herb Preserve. It’s made to be pocketsize – great for patients who travel a lot. It’s perfect for stashing away in your pocket on a bike ride, hiding in the bottom of your purse or storing in your glove compartment.

Eighth ounce “White Widow” weed jar – The most typical capacity suitable for the average smoker, the White Widow is a must-have for any marijuana patient at $15 for the technology and performance you’re getting.

“Himalayan Gold” preroll jar – Long and wide enough to fit about 15 cigarette sized prerolls, the cylindrical Himalayan Gold can be found on coffee tables of old school joint smoking stoners worldwide. Roll up your favorite strain ahead of time and don’t worry about it drying out or getting lost, wet or smushed in your pocket.

Half ounce “XXX OG” weed container – Herb Preserve’s most popular jar, if you’re not sure what to get, this is your safest bet at only $20. While they claim it can hold a half ounce, we’ve seen people stuff up to 25 grams of ground marijuana in this jar.

One ounce “Trainwreck” marijuana jar – Herb Preserve’s biggest screw-top, the Trainwreck is often seen in dispensaries around California toted around by growers showing off their premium strains. As we mentioned in a previous article on Herb Preserve, if you’re trying to save money pick up a Trainwreck jar for $24 so you can buy your herb in an ounce quantity. You’ll save over $100 an ounce by buying in bulk, so these things pay for themselves in a hurry.

One ounce capacity “Purple Kush” apothecary jar – Herb Preserve’s apothecary jar line features a glass on glass seal and are unlike anything else found in the 420 industry. Yes, they’re pricier than the average nug jar, but they are the ultimate in style and quality. The Purple Kush will only run you $39 but allow you to experience the class and luxury before taking the step up to their two largest and most decadent apothecarys you’ll read about next.

2-4 ounce capacity “Sensi Star” apothecary jar – The $49 Sensi Star is Herb Preserve’s most popular apothecary jar. It holds up to a quarter pound of medical marijuana and looks like a work of art. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your stoner loved one, look no further.

4-8 ounce “Louis XIII” apothecary jar – Unlike any 420 stash jar ever seen before it, the Louis XIII rules in terms of capacity and sheer shock factor. If you have to have the best-of-the-best in history, you’ll love this jar until you own it. And once you buy it, you’ll treasure it forever while it preserves your nugs for the same length of time.

Special Edition 2 gram “Super Skunk” apothecary jar – The limited edition Super Skunk is a favorite of female smokers seeking performance, class and sophistication without bulk. Check it out and buy one before they’re all gone!

When you’re rocking med’s this good… you need to show some respect, and preserver your chronic cannabinoids. Big Granny Purps!


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  2. Any airtight jar will preserve weed – especially if you vacuum out the air and store it in the refrigerator. Canning jars are where it’s at – unless you just want some flash for your stash.

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