Mr. President… Its Time To Pay Your Marijuana Bill


Four years is more than adequate time for even the dumb to learn, and is more than adequate when the difference between winning a presidential race and losing is a matter of political life or death — at least for the sake of leaving a legacy. In the business of big-time policy making, it’s a question of progressive self-interest – along with ability to learn quick, or croak.

Of course – there are always a few exceptions to the rule. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or even Barney Frank have suffered their political beatings from time to time, even with the mmj support vote – but at least they got it. Which is not really fair to President Obama… it wasn’t that he couldn’t learn – he’s just had different priorities. It was a kind of news moment that nobody wanted to hear, it’s like learning your STD test came back positive just before getting married. But when a marijuana bill comes due, and politicians know it’s time to pay up…they keep reaching down into their pockets, and coming up empty, for those that got them elected.

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There is a primordial and noble method of gathering debts in the marijuana community, not yet fashionable in the states without medical marijuana laws – yet, known to all as the ballot box. As support for marijuana is cultivated throughout this vast, and angry county, and pot smokers are infiltrating American cities at a rate that will soon make us the 4th most powerful political organization in this nation, behind only the GOP, the Democrats and the US Congress.

Indeed – Mr. Obama will have to pay for his indiscretions and his mean spirited slight against the medical marijuana community, as the polls close in November 2012.  Pres. Obama has appeared to learn absolutely nothing, and it would seem that his chances in November 2012, are on the track of the doomed and hope-less.

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