Mrs Romney on M.S. – Can't Have Medical Marijuana ? Try Dressage…


More insights into the clueless lives of the Romney clan. The wife of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has made public recently, that she to has dealt with M.S. for many years. Ann Romney boasts that being involved with ‘dressage,’ also known as “horse ballet,” has alleviated her debilitating conditions from her illness. Really?

Mrs. Romney – a quick word of advise, not everyone has access to such riches – Ann Romney has been very fortunate to have the best that money could buy, not all M.S. sufferers have a stable of treatment at their disposal. The Romney’s are the owners of several horses, including one that may make the “big-show” – the 2012 Summer Olympics. The price tag of each…just about $100,000, give-or-take.

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Everyone should have the option to find the best relief they can to treat their illnesses. One would think that if you are diagnosed with a disease – you should be able to seek out the ‘best’ possible treatment. Well not everyone agrees…Mitt Romney would be one of them.

Mitt Romney has been against medical marijuana for medicinal use and disagrees in legalizing this versatile plant. Maybe Romney didn’t get the memo that studies have found medical cannabis helps relieve pain and muscle spasms due to M.S. There are countless Americans that use medical marijuana to help provide relief from the agonizing pain that multiple sclerosis inflicts on their muscles and body – the same relief that Ann professes to get from her involvement with Ballet Horse.

It’s a shame not everyone has a disposable income of $100,000. Unlike the Romneys, most M.S patients can’t afford to maintain a stable of horses let alone a tiny pony – they need to find other methods to help reduce their symptoms. If everyone had a magic lamp with a genie inside and one of their wishes was for a pony – Is there any scientific data to help support that being involved with dressage would treat M.S. patients. On top of that, many people find it difficult to ride a horse. What we know – thanks to scientific research – medical marijuana does improve the quality of life for multiple sclerosis patients. These same patients that use many different strains of marijuana as treatment, Mitt believes they should be treated like criminals.

Luckily for Ann she has the income to “legally” assist in her debilitating condition. Not everyone has a stable in their courtyard. Perhaps one day in their courtyard they’ll have a beautiful, green, marijuana sproutlet. In a world one day…

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  2. First off, I’m having a very hard time picturing “Horse Ballet” but what’s clear is that Mrs. Romney must have very minor MS symptoms and pain. This MS patient has been forbidden to ever even sit on a horse again due to the damage it did to my body the last time I rode a horse.

    MS is a very complex disease and no 2 patients suffer in exactly the same way!!

    What I DO know is that GOOD medical grade marijuana has helped me pretty much get off of taking opiates every day which were so harmful to my system and made me throw up but the pain was so bad that I had to take them and I had to throw up as part of the pain relief. That’s just ONE example of how Marijuana has helped my pain. I haven’t even mentioned that I also have chronic migraines that make me want to cut my head off! Or the spasticity in my body, causing so much of the chronic, daily pain..

    I smoke illegally for my non addicting pain control now, with threat of prison time and I was arrested last year for minor possession in my own home after becoming a medical marijuana activist in my home state, yes, I was harassed and eventually had my 4th amendmend rights violated and have had to spend thousands defending myself!

    Mrs. Romney, I couldn’t stand long enough to do this “Horse Ballet” that you do. I can’t even get to my gate in an airport now unless I call for a wheelchair, but some day, when you’re unable to find Horse Ballet effective for your pain, I hope you’ll stand up for those of us that want to support the right of others in pain to choose their own pain and symptom control because you are going to need some support your self. The kind that money can’t buy.

  3. I wish to interject some factual information into this dialogue…not to put down the medicinal use of marijuana (I am, in fact, an advocate of legalization, as well as a practicing psychologist)….but perhaps to provide a more balanced outlook.

    So here are some facts: 1) Many patients find marijuana helpful for their condition, whether they advocate for marijuana or not. Many patients do not. I know this, because I am one of the latter. I suffer from TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), and marijuana not only makes my symptoms worse, but it also gives me anxiety and renders me so stupid and forgetful that I am unable to function at a basic level. I also have a friend who has lost his sight to glaucoma. Marijuana does nothing for his pain, which is so extreme that he has actually begged his doctors to remove his eyes. (One has been removed surgically). So no one thing helps everybody.
    2) Horse therapy is well-known as an effective treatment for a variety of ailments and conditions. Currently there are many organizations using horses to help veterans recover from the mental and physical symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), as well as helping severely disabled children to gain motor control and improve balance. These are children with cerebral palsy who previously could not walk or stand up…but for some reason, sitting on a horse and experiencing the animal’s natural movement seems to “rewire” these kids’ nervous systems, allowing them to do things that were previously impossible. These patients are also clearly receiving benefits from being in contact with a large, gentle and, dare I say, “compassionate” animal; to wax colloquial: the horses have good vibes and they pass on the vibes to the patients. Many of these organizations operate on a not-for-profit status, and provide the equine therapy services for free to patients who need them.
    3) Regarding my condition, I Wish marijuana was the answer. I love the taste, smell, and the herb itself, but it does not help. Horses are not cheap to maintain (about $100 a month, at my home), but my horse still sits in my yard and I will spend my last dime caring for him because he is such an important part of my life and my recovery. He keeps me responsive and aware of my surroundings, in addition to helping with my balance and muscle control. Additionally I get a surge of happiness when I look at this beautiful animal, and that is worth a lot all by itself. I know many medical marijuana patients who spend well-over $100 a month on their medication, so the costs are somewhat comparable.

    So I guess my point is this: Do not dismiss that which you do not know firsthand. By rejecting the remedies used by others you are exhibiting the same myopia (limited vision) of the people who are hindering the legalization of marijuana. I do not reject or criticize Reiki, Acupuncture or crystal healing, even though they are techniques that did not help my condition, and I am still a strong advocate for marijuana, even though it is not for me. I want everyone to be able to have access to that which provides them relief.
    And, as a final post-script, I have known 2 friends who had MS, both of whom found incredible relief by being around horses even when they could no longer ride. One of them used marijuana as well. I hope that our society can get to a point where we support the right of any patient who suffers to find the relief they need….but we need to remember that support starts from a place of compassion and open-mindedness, not defensive criticism and rejection. (And to any patient who lives in Southern CA and wants to include horses in their therapeutic regimen but thinks they cannot afford it, contact me and I will do my best to help you out — no charge.) Namaste.

  4. Fred Schwartz on

    Give me a break. Count me as someone who supports marijuana being fully legal, not just for medical purposes. That said, your article is a bunch of horse shit. The article is clearly about politics and class warfare, not disease treatment. If you were honest you would admit that’s true.

  5. I gather the point that if horses work then use it and if medical marijuana works use that! For some people a horse is the answer and for others marijuana is, this is a choice that Romney opposes and takes away your choice to use what works best for you!

  6. I find it interesting how Romney is part of a religion that believes before we all came to earth there was a meeting and Satan said everyone must do the right thing and give him the glory while Jesus said let them have a choice and he will pay the price. There was a war blah blah blah and Jesus and co. won. By default Romney by his own beliefs must have followed Jesus’s proclamation of choice in order to even be here and is now against that freedom of choice he so adamantly fought for while still proclaiming by default that he is pro choice (according to his own professed beliefs). I find this highly hypocritical to say the least and wonder if maybe he’s changed his mind as to who he agreed with in the ‘pre-life’ or to who he is really serving.

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