Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Has 40% Of Signatures Rejected


As the great news of the OCTA receiving the welcome endorsement of UFCW local 555 was being cheered; It was also disclosed that, as usual the marijuana issue will face a greater burden of proof than most ballot initiatives. It would appear that nearly 40% of all of the hard fought for signatures will be called into question, and rejected.

While the Oregon Cannabis Tax Act  was able to cultivate 107,992 chronic ‘John Hancock’s’ from varying marijuana supporters around the state, an incredible 12,436 seedlings were rejected as bad seeds long before the authentication process even began. This has left the ramming 95,556 pro pot signature to make it through the gauntlet of the Oregon State voter verification process.

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The unfortunate bulk of these cast way voters was caused by simple user mistakes. Some of these minor oversights consisted of such trivialities as, not signing the mailed out ballot questionnaire at the bottom in a similar fashion as had been used on their Oregon state voter registration form. The list of egregious oversights by the voters that would have their ballot D.Q. also included not properly dating it. As many pro marijuana groups around  to help get out the vote, many had neglected to properly registered with the state of Oregon before going out and gathering voters’ signatures.
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