PhD's… 'Teen OTC Pill Popping Not Marijuana's Fault'


Medical marijuana is slowly being considered for medical use and with the legalization of Mary Jane, many were crouching in terror that the legalized cannabis would fall into the laps of teenagers. Fear not — new research has revealed that medical marijuana is not aiding in the rise of drug use in teens.

Like any other prescription, marijuana has the power to be abused. Any Dick, Jane, or Tom with a prescription could abuse their power and sell medical cannabis to teenagers or anyone else that is seeking it – easily avoiding certain laws and enabling more individual’s access to certain drugs. With numerous states having legalized marijuana since the early 90’s, this may query a concern for drug use among teenagers. In this new report, even though marijuana use has gradually increased since 05’ – medical cannabis use wasn’t linked to an increased use in teens.

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Led by Daniel I. Rees, Benjamin Hanson and D. Mark Anderson – these PhDs and researchers had to decipher national representative data compiled by the YRBS from 1993 to 2009. Due to a rise in marijuana popularity among teens, there isn’t a doubt that this is a burning issue. Research found from the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research, cites about 1 in 15 high school seniors smoke cannabis at about daily levels according to this survey published in 2011.

According to research, there are various federal officials on the prowl to close medical marijuana collectives down because of their views of medical cannabis leading to an increase in teen drug use. Having medical marijuana legalized or collectives near children schools could be enticing the students to use drugs. Research has shown after looking at marijuana use at schools — students being provided drugs on school grounds, cocaine use and alcohol use – there was not a link to be found involving medical marijuana legalization with increased teen use.

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It was also found in some case that marijuana use declined with the legalization of certain medical marijuana states. There was also no archival evidence to support that marijuana was a “gateway” drug. Debates among states about legalizing marijuana are at an all-time high. It is vital to fully understand how this law could possibly affect crime, adult and teen use and the economy.

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