Stephen Colbert – "Will Stoners Decide Our Next President?"


Stephen Colbert – political satirist, comedian, host/actor, soothsayer…

President Obama (D) and Mitt Romney (R) have five more months of head to head combat until the election. The latest polls are out – these two jugger-nuts are neck and neck – with one trying to out-duel the other.

This is the exact same situation in the 04’ election, Colbert observed yesterday. In 2004, the initiative on the ballot in 11 states was the dicey topic of ant-gay-marriage. This served to boost the conservative turn-out and helped seal the deal for George W. Fast-forward 2012 – Democrats are now confident that the marijuana issue will mirror that of the anti-gay-marriage agenda back in ’04. Colorado, Ohio and Michigan will have marijuana legalization initiatives on their ballots this upcoming November. Will the young generation of voters help turn-the-tide in favor of Obama? The Democrats are crossing their fingers…

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Marijuana support is at a record-high, just like its supporters,” joked the Colbert Report host.” This is the ultimate grassroots campaign.” Are we in a situation where America’s 2012 election will be put on the hands of the stoner? Even though humorous, Colbert wasn’t totally on board. In a blithe manner, Colbert facetiously said, “We all know pot smokers are highly motivated, organized and punctual….There is nothing they would love more than getting off the couch, putting on pants, and going to gyms packed with judgmental old people.”

Note to Romney: Contact the Discovery Channel – “Planet Earth” marathon. That’s what the “conservative-political-pundit” suggests.

Tune in folks to see if Colbert’s crystal ball is foretelling the future…..

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  1. AnonymousHerbMan on

    I hope this is what it comes down to, so the president (whom ever it may be) will finally become pro it to win the election. The one who becomes pro and will stick with their word is the one who will win, hands down.

  2. Can’t even read the article because of the static share sidebars on the left blocking the text. What a waste.

  3. The problem with this is that even Obama has allowed so many federal attacks on suppliers and patients of medical marijuana. I don’t see him on our side, and mitt certainly is not. The only true runners that will be for the end of prohibition are Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson . I hope the cannabis community understands this.
    P.s. Obama also has attacked our constitutional rights with E.O.’s and act’s.

  4. honestly, all presidents attack the constitution, and will continue to, its part of the job. i will vote obama, because the most important thing he can do in his second term, is appoint democratic supreme court justices. we cant afford romney to be appointing them, cus, in the end, it will all come down to the supreme court, the republican supreme court, is 5 to 4 republican, and we need to swing it back at all costs. i am not that happy with obama, but i see what he HAS accomplished, it is is pretty amazing, considering the tea party (refuse to negotiate) and all. romney is saying out loud, what he will do, and it is not pretty for the average american, and zero chance of pro pot decisions. at least, when obama was down in central america at the summit, he did indeed say, that it is a subject he is willing to have a discussion. that in itself is a ray of hope at least. he backed off before, that is his record, and he just may again. it is a tough call for him in this election year, i know, but he must feel, that being against pot is a better course, for now. anyway, i just hope that you guys and gals are not a one issue voter, that diminishes you, and thus your vote. please, take the time to look at all the issues, all of obamas and romneys positions then u can make a truely informed decision. making the vote count is critical, cus if u refuse to vote for either of them, it helps romney, that is exactly what he wants. i am not happy with obama, like i said, but i think of an america under romney, and i get sick. one more thing – yes Paul and Johnson are pro pot, but the sad fact is, they cant and wont be elected. in my view, voting for them, is like not voting at all. at least make your vote count, and look forward to 2016. peace

  5. You know, politicians who pander piss me off. Obama’s “hands off” approach on MMJ is a good example of a politician’s lying to get votes.

    I’m voting for Gary Johnson. He’s cannabis-friendly, and not being promoted by SuperPACs or corporations.

    Unlike a certain chocolate candidate i could mention. I’m done with Obama. The argument seems to be, “a second term will be the one with results.”

    What kind of nonsense is that? Didn’t I vote for those results the first time around? And now he keeps bugging me for $3 to have dinner with him! Why would I want to do that? Seriously bad idea.

    So yeah, I have a couple of letters for Obama. And Mitt.
    F and U. Break the system, dump the corporate puppet candidates. I don’t know much about Gary Johnson, but I know a lot about the others and Do Not Want.

  6. . !!! “Tis a blessing to live in Denver & CO.!” Unlike the rest of the anal retentive states whose citizens still believe Pot is the evil weed and a gateway drug, this city has made possession of under an oz $50-!00 fine. It is labled a ‘low priority’ not just in Denver but other metro cities such as Lakewood ( a more conservative community you will never find). .The media has pointed out that there are now more medical marijuan dispensaries ( then there are Startbucks !. The health dept. wanted to put dispensaries aka caregivers in the same category as human services – to also cook,clean, shop etc. And yet, Human Services has not taken on the same category as MMJ dispensaries. ( wouldnt hurt those home bound to toke up if you ask me lol) The voters have put not 1, not 2, but 5 amendments having to do with the the legalizaion marijuana. OH Colorado is a Purple State. …. As to the MMJ, the staunch conser. Republican dominated legislature , or ‘daddy ‘ as I call them, decided to allow standards with pot smokers if they are driving. The fact that pot stays in ya system for 30 days escapes these prescribed /addicting drug users . So the nanogram is decided!! ( to be fair the police have found an increase in arrests in those smoking pot ( even as a secondary cause) in the 18-25 age group males. Gee what a surprise! Recently, the legislature decided there woujld be no sign spinngers etc near schools, day cares, etc. Several Dispensaries had to close up shop due to being within a 1000 ft. of a school etcc. Vincent Carroll, Denver POst columnist writes in yesterday’s POst a column entitled “DEA Chief stonewalls on marijuana”. Read it !!! What we are dealing with are men and women with the DEA who will not budge. A woman agent told us she wouldnt live in a city with MMJ dispensariesSo move. When I spoke before the health dept. and pointed out that the real gateway drugs are coffee _ where do you thinkya kids learn about hyper//and getting a buzz? and the prescribed meds they steal from their parent’s medicine chest to sell and share at school. The chairman attempted to shut me up . This boomer is so tired of the archaic attitudes towards a herb which has medicinial properties. Where do you think synthetic drugs come from? They mimic what;s in nature. Take aspirin, try willow bark. This nation is dealing with a new age of Sexism and Chauvanism where men think they need to take us back to the 50’s What ticks me off is that these middle class conservative, who still take medication and see traditional doctors, poo pooing the rest of us who use Alternative medicine /chinese/acupuncture/ homeopathy. I am sick of parents not wanting things that are adult oriented for their kids. Maybe these same parents needs to watch their kids and stop worrying about my medication. Your kids education is not my job

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