Stop the L.A. Ban On Medical Marijuana


As the city of Los Angeles struggles to maintain its medical marijuana collectives operating within the city limits, there are two opposing ideas currently being presented to the city attorney of Los Angeles. The first of these ideas would give Steve Cooley, the Los Angeles city attorney, the ability to write an ordinance that would outright ban medical marijuana collectives.

The second, and slightly more sane of the current ideas being floated before Steve Cooley, would be to write an ordinance that would it instruct for, and allow approximately 100 of these medical marijuana collectives to be registered and in good standing with the city of what Los Angeles.

As this debate has gone on for many years and the city Council has showed disdain at best, for the medical marijuana community at large, it is anyone’s guess which way this vote will go.

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There is one simple thing you can do to help right now. Visit the web page for our allies at UFCW Local 770 and send a letter opposing the ban to the City Council Members right now.

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