The Mile-High Vote: Marijuana Electorate Pivotal For Obama Re-Election


While Denver does reside at approx. 5,280 feet above the other medical marijuana mecca of Southern Ca, it’s residents’ heads are not in the clouds, but rather focused on the next presidential election.

Out of Denver County’s six hundred thousand people; one out of every forty-one occupants calls themselves a card-carrying MMJ patient. This can obviously lead to some uncomfortable analogies to pot, and the “Mile High City.” The continuing green rush in Colorado’s hub of marijuana Wellness Centers long ago surpassed that magical number of 420. This state has continually shown its willingness to be “On Point” for this divine human right.

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Supporters, who view marijuana legalization as the best way to relieve the ramped overcrowding in prisons across the United States (thanks to the corporate prison industry), cultivate some new tax revenue, and grow a few new industries, all while undermining the Mexican drug cartels’ profits. These profits tend to bloom when the United States and it’s ramped hunger for prohibited substances reaches all the way back down to Mexico.

As Colorado puts before its voters the choice to legalize recreational marijuana use and tax it in a similar way as alcohol, other states are stepping up and standing tall as well. If passed – game on. This law would be waving the proverbial red cape in front of the bull, as the federal Gov. tends to demonstrate little patience for such nonsense. The self-righteous beliefs that federal law somehow supersedes state law and that the Fed’s view on marijuana as an illegal narcotic is the path of wisdom, are insane!

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Colorado stands tall in a country of supplicant submission. Within the great state of Colorado, there is a hybrid of a common sense politician, who is tired of bowing down before the federal government and sees the current marijuana prohibition as a ripe, fowl specimen of the Feds — essentially, butting in where they are neither needed, nor are their efforts constitutionally appropriate.

While Barack Obama’s attitude during his first term has been less than friendly to medical marijuana patients (and yeah, he liked to smoke some fat choom’s back in the days), this man has seriously disillusioned many of the same marijuana advocates that helped him get elected.

As Obama support numbers fall, and with a germinating contest cultivating from R. Mitt Romney in the upcoming November vote, it’s a little more than sardonic that his pending win in this much contested state may well pivot on the marijuana legalization issue, embraced by growing multitudes of US citizens.


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  3. I can’t believe how stupid you people are. Obama has said over and over that he is not in favor of legalizing MJ and his actions so far point to his disfavor of medical marijuana yet you dumb asses keep supporting him. If I had to compare the intelligence of a box of rocks to you guys, I’d have to side in favor of the box of rocks. Wake the fuck up!!!!!!!

    • Charles Sanders on

      I agree but romney is just as bad and both of them suck…as far their views on Medical Marijuana.

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