The Tale Of Two L.A. Marijuana Ban Proposals


As the Los Angeles City Council tries to figure out what the best plan for banning medical marijuana collectives might be, Councilman Paul Koretz and his fellow councilman Jose Huizar have thrown their collective ideas, into the competitive ring, on how to ban dispensaries in the city of Los Angeles.

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LA Councilman José Huizar has made it perfectly clear in different interviews in the press, that he believes that the tidiest and fastest way to find resolution to this growing issue, is to simply prohibit all medical marijuana collectives. Waiting until a final ruling has been handed down by the California Supreme Court, as to the legality of LA’s 2010 medical marijuana ordinance.

The L.A. 2010 medical marijuana ordinance mandates that MMJ dispensaries need to close by certain a hour, provide storefront security, provide no advertisements while being at least 1000 feet from any school church or playground. While this sounded like a fair proposal at the time, as opposed to falling into line with the city requirements the dispensaries decided to go on the offensive and began filing lawsuit, after lawsuit against the city of LA for actions the city has taken to oversee and regulate dispensaries.

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According to councilman José Huizar’s proposal the existing L.A. California prop 215 patients would still be allowed access to their medical weed, however they would need to cultivate it themselves, or have a fellow California prop 215 Caregiver cultivate their plants for them. The bottom line according to Councilman José Huizar’s, is that patients will have access to their pot — the Cartels and street gangs will not.

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While L.A. city councilman Paul Koretz suggests that allowing the original medical marijuana collectives that have done proper due diligence, filed all required paper work with the city and are currently paying taxes, should be allowed to continue operation until the state supreme court makes its decision.

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