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Stinky Weed: How to Keep Your Stash Free From Prying Noses – As Marijuana continues to evolve into a morphed out version of crystallized kushes and fruitful red haired buds – so much so that the end product is not only super potent but highly aromatic. To the weed connoisseur’s nose this can be as delightful as an uncorked bottle of 1965 Chianti Ruffino but to unfamiliar, underage or unfriendly noses it can be a problem. Therefore, it is best to keep your stinky weed under wraps and here are a few ideas.

Professional Air-Tight Containers — Another evolutionary advantage in the world of weed is the product line change of professional head shops. Now there is a variety of air-tight containers. They come in the size of a mason jar or a pen (great for joints) with some even masking as household containers. Either way, if the lid is sealed with soft plastic or rubber ring, chances are its good to go and your weed will not be aromatically detected. The prices here range in about the ten or twenty dollar zone.

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Homemade Stinky Weed Remedies:

If you do not feel like throwing down your hard earned coin for a professional container, then look around your scene and you probably have a few homemade stinky weed remedies lying around.

Do you have: Gasket Sealed Jars – These jars often have an additional, pull down metal lever near the lid to seal it. However, only use amber glass, a clear jar will weaken your herb.
Lock-Box – Everyone should have a fire/water proof lockbox in their home. It is a great stink concealer plus you can keep all your porn, pictures of you in a dress and maybe some sex toys in there as well.

Old Prescription Pill Bottle – Now be careful here because if you use an old prescription pill bottle and keep your personal label on it, you’re an idiot. That said, this is a great way to keep your weed and its smell sealed up. Most of these bottles are air tight amber plastic and are great for joints too.

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Tea Canister – Many loose teas are sold in air-tight tea canisters of all sizes. Maybe there’s one lying around your kitchen?

Good Tupperware – The sealed top of a Tupperware (or similar ) container is a great weed holder. Some of these come in glass which is better as long as it is not clear.

Fabric Softener Sheets – If no air tight holder is available, drop your container into a baggie with two fabric softener sheets inside. Some weed smells can easily be masked when stored with these.

Take care of your bud. Keeping your stinky weed away from unwanted smellers is easy and smart. It will keep it fresh longer, which will save you money because it will stay potent and you won’t need as much. Plus it will avoid hearing from a loved one, “What is that smell, it smells like a skunk. Did you run over a skunk? Call your father over here, I want see if he smells it.”

  1. Glass Jars
  2. Vacuum Seal Tupperware (k-9)
  3. Medical Bottles

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  1. The best way to store your weed would be to use Herb Preserve stash jars. They fit into the professional airtight container category above and keep nugs fresh over 6 months. I use their apothecary jars and have never had marijuana go bad on me. Cheers!

  2. I’d advise against the dryer sheets unless you want your weed smelling like dryer sheets which was incredibly unpleasant when I did it.

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