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Well it’s Friday morning …the beginning of summer and just after my morning medication. It seems like a great time to compose a quick list of my personal favorite marijuana strains. In this abbreviated list, we’re going to be looking at just the top five strains of medical marijuana from our neck of the woods, here in California.

All a few of these marijuana strains can be found in your local MMJ collectives around the Southern California area, and most other medical marijuana collectives around the country. Most of these strains will have a high THC, low CBD percentage, as that is what quite a few of the patients have been asking for. If you are going to attempt consumption of any of these specific strains, be sure to understand, that these are the higher octane varieties within the overall cannabis family

1.)    Lemon skunk: The lemon skunk genetics lends itself to a pungent and aromatic citrus smell. As it is namesake would suggest; the citrus flavor is very pronounced. With the super skunk one as a genetic base, the lemon skunk tend to create a shorter bushier, yet denser flowering plant. The scent of a lemon skunk female in full expression can be an overpowering event. When harvested she produces that highly sought after lemon fresh exhale.

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2.)    Purple haze: The incredible dense and powerful flavor of the purple haze marijuana bud is both, wonderful to smell and incredible to taste. The site of the flowering purple haze bud, I believe, is one of the beautiful plants in a well cultivated garden. Purple haze enjoys the magical combination of both sweet and sour flavors that the human palate craves, and an overall effect, that provides a wonderful elevated state of mind. while still providing the energy to go out and enjoy the world at large

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3.)    Sage : As a general rule of thumb, anything with the name Sage is generally wise to pay attention. This is also true of the sage marijuana strain. While it was originally developed for cultivation within a hydroponic system, in an enclosed environment, I have seen it grow to massive proportions outside, when done in the proper climate zone on the California coast. The sage strain of cannabis, is relatively close to that of a few of her cousins within the sativa family, thereby sharing  a similar cannabinoid profile.

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4.)    G 13: G 13 is one of the more misunderstood medical marijuana strains out in the collectives today. The cultivation folklore has it, that G-13 was a government grown strain that was somehow smuggled out of the University of Mississippi. I have it on good authority… that this story is nothing but folklore and fairytale. As I have heard it told, G 13 is a conglomeration of different botanists, which had cultivated many different strains from “13” in different cannabis subcategories. Thus the G 13 name. G 13 generally tends to be a mixture of a cultivators best strains – mixed into sort of a genetic stone soup, and for lack of a better name decided to call it G 13.

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5.)    OG Kush Soul Assassin: This strain has incredible yield when put to the outdoor challenge. Indoor under intense HPS lights would come in a strong second position. The OG assassin is known as the ‘killer’ within the Kush family. Its raging THC percentage puts this strain high on the list, for those who are looking to medicate, and kill the pain, which is the drudgery of commuting to and from – that hell we call work. The yield on the OG Kush assassin is phenomenal. Not only do you get a strong return for the work you put into your garden, you will also then be able to medicate with purple nug’s littered with sticky try combs.

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  1. Those are for sure the top five in a popularity contest, but what about real potency…

    Harlequin, RockBud, Starburst, Mallowie Gold, some real meds all with CBD over 5%

  2. this list is a joke, how the hell is going to post this? it’s like saying the top 5 cartoons are dora, spongebob, simpsons, felix the cat, and family guy. with a domain name like this, people would trust this list blindly, and for that reason you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for whipping up this shitty list in 5 minutes and whoever gave the “OK” to post this up isn’t doing his job right.

  3. Mr. “OG all Day” you sound bitter? Like you have an ax to grind. You do understand that this is a Marijuana community, right. Most of these submissions are from users, or other bloggers. So if you have an issue with it. Write something better and submit it. Rather than sitting hidden behind that anonymity of your keyboard. Put your name up on the boards, you big mouthed puke.

  4. Girl scout cookies, kens granddaddy purple, phantom og kush, critical jack(jack hererXcritical mass),true og….these are the real top 5 strains! Come to sac and the bay or you’ll be smokin on hay. :-$

  5. as a person suffering from multiple sclerosis I can truly say I tried all of the list and for me who suffers from pain 24/7 in my opinion the og kush is the best by far for pain and sleep.i also don’t have a huge appetite and the og at least makes me want to eat.the medicine I take for pain doesn’t ever want to eat but og was a blessing in disguise for me.i live in nj and I pay $140 a 1/4th ounce but really worth every penny for my needs.but to each his own and everyones different with all the various strains.

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