U.S. High School Students Wise Up: Put Down Joe Camels for Mary Jane.


A recent survey done by the government shows more and more teens are hanging up their Joe Camels for Mary Jane. (not much has changed since you were a kid burning Choom… Mr. President?)

A report by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention revealed that 23% of high-school students had recently smoked cannabis – while 18% filled their lungs with tobacco. This study delved into various topics which included random acts of risky behavior.

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For years counting, there has been a rapid decline in teens that smoke cigarettes. Cannabis use has risen and fallen throughout the years, but has increased as of late. Marijuana and Tobacco have been neck & neck for teen vices for countless ages, but last year Mary Jane passed nicotine for supremacy for the 1st time ever.

The University of Michigan also did a study and reported that same exact data – Marijuana use was beginning to surpass cigarettes. Various experts stated that teens today view marijuana as far more safe than tobacco.

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Is this incline a result of the Internet and education — more kids are available to more knowledge in regards to the pros & cons of Marijuana vs. Tobacco — Or is it because teens enjoy the pleasant, uplifting, cerebral aroma of marijuana plant compared to the not so fresh stench of the cancer stick. Whatever it is, Joe better watch his rear view mirror…common sense has been let out of Pandora’s box – and Mary is coming up strong.

Kids – don’t smoke pot… you might become President.
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