2012 Political Season – Marijuana Takes Centers Stage


2012 – Marijuana Takes Centers Stage

2012 has been a bizarre year, mired in a mean, low rent trade of lies and deceit. Even the most seasoned political junkie has turned to substance abuse of one form or another; pills, booze, and non-traceable super PAC money, straight from a strange and seedy world of misfit millionaires, hiding their political previsions and agendas. While helping our dogmatic system slide further into the abyss; that is the absurd and dishonest.

Meanwhile… back in the real world, recreational marijuana springs forth as a national issue in three different states Colorado, Washington, and Oregon, who all plan on putting forth a vote on the marijuana issue, and whether or not it should be viewed as a taxable / recreational substance.

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At the same time medical marijuana has finally cultivated enough support in the backwoods states of North Dakota and Arkansas;  to the point of them getting their own ballot issues. “It’s hands down one of the biggest election days in the history of the marijuana movement,” noted Rob Kampia, executive director of the MPP (Marijuana Policy Project). Rob – who spoke last week with reason TV in an interview on the current growth of America’s understanding of marijuana. (see below)

As Nevada retreats from common sense and its earlier poll position, in the race to be the first state to pull its head out of its collective ass assets and legalize marijuana. The backslapping political powers that be in the Silver State, have made it much laborious to qualify a ballot initiative, regardless of how much its electorate pleads for it. As the boozed-out lobbyist and other accepted ‘vice’ representatives learned back in 1998, the people in the state of Nevada want their medical marijuana… and once they get it. Booze will be done… Cigarettes gonzo. The public would have access to MMJ, able to relax at home, and peacefully self-gratify to any of the many porn channels that saturate the airwaves out in that god fearing state, of upright sobriety. So as the fat wallets of the Nevada state politicians becomes more overburdened with guilt money, other forward thinking states have shot past them with the medical marijuana laws that its electorate have asked for.

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After the many DOJ raids on collectives a couple of years back, the once thriving Nevada medical marijuana collectives have become virtually nonexistent.

The unfortunate thing is no matter who wins the upcoming slugfest of Nov. 2012. Both the president and his GOP adversary, Mitt Romney, have stated their ill will and out right opposition to the legalization of marijuana that our county has asked for time and time again.

As the states of Colorado, Oregon and Washington march down the marijuana warpath on a collision course with the federal government, their action bound path to litigation will predictably land them in U.S. Supreme Court which will then be faced with deciding whether individual states can legalize something the Congress has determined to be illegal.

Source: Marijuana.com 

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  1. Nevada is so ass backwards its silly. You have pawn shops,next to liquor stores, next casions all with legal prostitution. Yet medical marijuana is not allowed to be sold over the counter to state qualified mmj patients.

    Sad and pathetic…

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