California's Largest Pot Dispensary Harborside in Feds Crosshair


The federal crackdown on medical cannabis dispensaries has finally barraged through Harborside Health Center – claiming to be the world’s largest. Harborside is among California’s most recognized pot collectives helping over 100,000 patients with medical marijuana recommendations – and currently compliant with all state and local laws.

Located in Oakland, CA and the subject of the stoner television hit “Weed Wars,” was not given a one-hitter – but a two-hitter by the U.S Attorney Melinda Haag. She delivered a civil complaint for “forfeiture of property” for their Oakland and San Jose stores, with the Oakland location operating without any problems since 2006. This forfeiture action is against the “third-party” property holder, Real Property and Improvements.

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Obama’s crackdown on innocent medical marijuana patients and cannabis growers last October has escalated into a full assault on patients. After the cold-hearted plan was cultivated, the state’s 4 (Horsemen Of The Apocalypse) U.S Attorney’s sent letters to all landlords of targeted marijuana dispensaries warning of property forfeitures and if not compliant to orders of closure – prison time will be served.

U.S. Attorney’s alongside Attorney General Eric Holder have firmly backed – they’re not attacking medical cannabis collectives that are in compliance with the laws of the state. Odd how the lawsuit on Harborside and numerous other federal attacks show their stoned-cold lies. Example…Holder had to testify to Congress back in ’10 that his Justice Department would not raid any medical pot dispensaries that were “compliant” with state marijuana laws. Just days after, his statement lost validity when federal agents armed with weapons infiltrated El Camino Wellness – a compliant and fully permitted marijuana dispensary.

In an online stament, “Harborside has nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and will contest the Federal actions openly and publicly, with every legal means at our disposal,” said Executive Director Steve DeAngelo. “We look forward to our day in court, and are confident that justice is on our side. Come what may, we shall continue to care for our patients unless we are physically prevented from doing so.”

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A minimum of 300 letters were distributed to property owners around California, threatening federal motion should they allow their pro marijuana, 420 friendly tenants to stay. Since the start of raids on cannabis dispensaries last fall by U.S. Attorney’s, over 400 marijuana collectives had to close their open doors – in part from asset forfeiture and specter of government felony prosecution.

Harborside being the most recent dispensary with the feds ‘cross-hair’ on it; this compassionate company has over 100 employees and has the ability to say they are Oakland’s 2nd highest retail tax payer. In 2011, they paid well over $3 million dollars in taxes – a time where all cities could use extra revenue.

With a time where unjust marijuana laws are being dangled over the 420 communities head, the future still holds uncertain for Mary Jane. Hopefully medical marijuana patients in dire need of their meds will not be limited to their options of buying pot. Will patients have to roll up their wheelchairs to the black market?

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  3. Our Governments reluctance to admit that Nixon was wrong is a joke.
    We the people do have the right to ingest a naturally grown plant that has been used 6000 years. Why because it’s your body your choice with or without it legal. Have we not evolved enough as a species to choose. Or is that not part of freedom?

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