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Is Getting High on Marijuana the Muse for Creative Thinking?


Muses were goddesses of inspiration – a source of inspiration for creative work. Numerous high acclaimed and famous musicians, artists, writers and people of the creative ilk that have been inspired by their muses. Whether the muse is a person or spiritual, it is fact that the world surrounding the arts is indebted to its muses – with many people saying marijuana is their muse, with many at concurring.

They claim marijuana has tremendous potential to boost creativity and entice the imagination. Without any muses, the world would be deprived of wondrous works of art.

These claims that marijuana is enticing creativity are growing validity due to new scientific research. Researchers behind marijuana case studies are cultivating tips on understanding behind the psychological mechanisms showing how pot has the ability to boost the creative process.

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The mainstream media has stoned the 420 community in their attempts at negatively displaying cannabis. The popular marijuana myth displays individuals frequently fooled — that they’re amazing and innovative while high on weed, just to discover their works of art are worthless – or their ideas are complete gibberish, when the medication from the marijuana wears off and normal consciousness ensues. This invasive fairy tale about marijuana is deceptive. Reports about marijuana have overwhelming data to negate said hocus-pocus allegations towards the beautiful cannabis plant.

The Mount Rushmore of accomplished artists who have touted the positive benefits and influences from smoking marijuana is bountiful – From George Carlin, Carl Sagan, Brian Wilson, Shakespeare, Louis Armstrong, Jack Nicholson, Norman Mailer, and Paul McCartney just to name a few stoners to wet your whistle.

The late George Carlin — a big fan of the pungent kush — was adamant about weed smoking claiming how essential it was to the creative process. “Pot…changed my thinking. It fostered offbeat thinking…Then it changed my comedy….I became more myself. The comedy became more personal, therefore more political, and therefore more successful…So, suddenly, I also became materially successful. People started buying albums. I had four Gold albums in a row.”

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The scientific community also has a say in the views of marijuana and her benefits towards creative thinking. The Beckley Foundation – a non-profit company which facilitates pioneering, multidisciplinary research involving marijuana – has a new project involving the effects of creativity and pot, with University of London neuroscience researchers Valerie Curran and Celia Morgan at the helm. They are testing how marijuana affects creative thinking using neuroimaging technology to view the neurobiological changes within the contributors. Will the participants brain neurology, that are linked to creativity, change when they have smoked cannabis – high on THC and cannabinoids, the active ingredients of marijuana?

Even though this study is still under way, the Beckley Foundation has positive news for the stoner marijuana community. Results reveal that ingesting marijuana is having a positive effect on individual’s artistic abilities.

This new study correlates with marijuana research done by Celia Morgan’s team at London University. They looked at marijuana elevating the results of “semantic priming.” This means the activation of just one word enabling individuals to respond faster to related phrases. One approach which creativity could be defined is the capability to discover novel connections involving different concepts; i.e.: “semantic-priming” the ability to see connections between words. This 2010 research discovered that being high on marijuana helps linking words and concepts together faster.

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Over at the Saskatchewan University, Xia Zhang and her associates has showed that THC – the key psychoactive element of the marijuana — can encourage neurogenesis, or brand new brain cell development. Hopefully research can be done towards, THCv and cannabinoids. The brain is constantly rewiring itself – with possibilities of new brain cells and learning new skills.

Pot can increase alpha-wave activity within the brain, which increases blood flow into the right hemisphere – the part of the brain linked to nonlinear, holistic thought. The section of your ‘noodle’ involved with the meditative and tranquil states of consciousness, which is often connected with creativeness.

The next time you find your bud and roll up a blunt or a joint, and ready to take Mary Jane out – remember that this muse is a creative friend which can expand your mind to a new high. Perhaps jot down, draw or sing any inspiring thoughts that spark up. You never know, you could be the next Marley or Einstein: Just remember to thank your muse…

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  2. Captain Cannabis on

    I’ve come to the conclusion, based on personal experience and much contemplation, that cannabis stimulates right-brain activity, while inhibiting left-brain activity. Stimulants, on the other hand, appear to do the opposite, which explains tweakers.

  3. I had a great conversation with this musician who records with Peter Buck and he said the same thing about marijuana ans writing songs. he learned it from Paul McCartney and other musicians.

    i thought musicians were all into heroin for creativity but pot sounds way better for you.

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