Legalize Marijuana and Stop the Prohibition Pals


The “Prohibition Pals,” an interwoven community that does prohibitions bidding. The sort that was involved in alcohol prohibition has now set its claws on marijuana. The weed leaf – an icon which has embedded many parts of societies across the world. A plant originally found in the jungles of Asia has been cultivated for centuries has come to evolve its own cultural identity and a one-of-a-kind reputation in the drug prohibition argument.

It is pure war rhetoric on how drugs are classified. Alcohol – among the most widely used and harmful drugs – has far less explicit media coverage as to the safer marijuana plant, possession may leading to years behind bars. Marijuana has been the muse for collections of art, music albums and books. With the health benefits of medical marijuana outlined in studies and safe, endemic use; U.S. authorities have continued to black-ball the stoner, 420-community – deeming medical marijuana is not legit.

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The Associated Press reported in a 2010 study, over $1 TRILLION dollars of taxpayer money has been spent by lawmakers imposing the war on drugs. Thanks to their efforts, the U.S. prison population has quadrupled since 1980. Gil Kerlikowske, America’s ‘drug czar,’ admitted to the drug war being a failure. “In the grand scheme, [the drug war]has not been successful.”

Out of all of the government’s drug war battles, the long bought with marijuana legalization has been the least effective. Since the 70’s, over 21 million citizen of the United States have violated marijuana laws – well, the ones that were ticketed or arrested which includes our current prez. With 1 of 10 adults using marijuana regularly, the antiquated prohibition on marijuana hasn’t misled the people from the smoking marijuana – However it has wrecked the lives of millions of Americans immorally detained for a substance that’s archived as being safer than cigarettes or liquor.

There is a stigma with American’s being creatures of instant gratification. They are in the class of most drug addicted people on this green earth – legal drugs filling the majority of the “high” chart. The health consequence of legal drugs – tobacco, alcohol and prescription pharmaceuticals – are much more high on the chart than marijuana. It’s more expensive and dangerous to our society than marijuana. Perhaps we can thank all the anti-marijuana campaigning from those that make legal drugs – primarily lobbying for the War on Drugs.

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There are currently 17 states, plus DC, with legal medical marijuana; with more joining the green movement. However the ongoing raids on medical marijuana dispensaries in California by the feds must make us wonder if the witch-hunt will end. There isn’t a reason to think the government will comply with state government wishes. According to a nationwide Rasmussen Reports study last May, 56 percent of Americans favor legalizing marijuana and regulating it like liquor and cigarettes. Every age group polled favored the plant’s legalization over its continued criminalization.

The reality is marijuana needs to be re-scheduled — having a world where marijuana isn’t relinquished to untaxed criminal organization and in the hands of licensed, regulated business. Marijuana prohibition is putting money and power directly into the laps of an ideal opposite that of marijuana — a “Prohibition Pas” carries an Ak-47 while a medical marijuana patient carries a joint.

The War on Drugs has cultivated a dangerous culture towards the role of the state and also mind-expanding substances. The War on Drugs needs to end before more harm ensues. Marijuana should be made to the public just like liquor and tobacco…Only then can we absolve our antiquated and illogical perspective towards ‘drugs’ and start addressing problems the government really needs to discuss — Economy anyone?

How ’bout aid the U.S. citizen instead of the “Prohibition Pals.”

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  1. Re: Prohibition pals
    Many national Ills’ in the United States, here is just one that is not being addressed and solved

    Lobbiests are funneling money to elected officials for the sole purpose to keep M.J. Illegal. Big pharma, budwiezer, & privately owned prisons and their union prison guards. Ect. Ect. Ect., you know who you are. IT’S all about making money and more money, well, l say get on your jet and fly to planet moon. Legalize M.J. Mr. Potus, do the right thing & turn away from super pact money organizations that want this national ill to continue.

    ill, sad,& disapointed

  2. Please help me free my truck and me. I have a truck that was paid for before I even started smoking. My truck keys where taken from my key chain when the narcs. busted me in my home with 2 plants and they drove off with it. I will not plead guilty to intent to distribute only the cultivation charges. Please help me they atleast let me keep my guns for some reason and that makes me feel like they only busted me to get my truck. If you don’t help me help others and stand up and say enough is enough. I was injured offshore, fired, lost my wife and that is when I started smoking to help with depression and it cut my pain meds usage in half.

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