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There was once a time when Obama, much like millions of Americans, was a pot smoking Renaissance man. A man that enjoyed the recreational health benefits of pot is now on the opposite side of the fence regarding marijuana legalization. Now in office, the ex-stoner and his administration has been on high alert due to all the criticism for their persistent raids on medical marijuana dispensaries and their patients. The ongoing prosecution has cultivated a buzz that has pitted brother versus brother – antiquated marijuana laws reminiscent to human rights laws during times of racial segregation.

Obama’s administration has recently been spotlighted with ongoing attacks on pot collectives, and it looks as though the president and his regime is trying for some ‘damage-control;’ raising the question if American’s should ask how to get weed from a drug dealer or where to get the best weed at a regulated medical marijuana dispensary.

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According to a Rolling Stone interview, President Barack Obama tried to explain and justify his stance on legalizing pot. The president, once a 420 friendly advocate of cannabis, tells head-editor Jann Wenner that he does not have the high authority to nullify a congressional law.

There could have been a misinterpretation. Obama claims to have said individuals prosecuted for medical marijuana will not be prioritized. “I never made one commitment or infer we were gonna give carte blanche to marijuana growers and distributors.” Not being able to nullify a congressional law is a poor excuse for not assisting in the pro marijuana campaign. Understood it’s federal law, however his attacks on medical marijuana dispensaries in legal marijuana statues contradicts his high ideals. To play one side of the fence on obeying federal law, yet to play the other side on invading state law is perplexing.

Obama said he couldn’t tell the Justice Department to, ‘Ignore completely a federal law that’s on the books.’ Yet he could ignore completely state law that’s on the their books like disregarding state marijuana laws. Obama backtracked and said “Use your prosecutorial discretion and properly prioritize your resources to go after things that are really doing folks damage;” proudly suggesting zero prosecutions of medical marijuana users for medical purposes with many patients and stoners laughing, especially Bob Crouse who was prosecuted and later vindicated for growing marijuana for personal usage.

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It appears Obama’s actions are blunt — a joint venture to appeal to the young recreational stoner vote while maintaining his traditional stance. The president later went to roll up on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon confirming Congress will not be legalizing marijuana in the near future. Flip after flop…

Obama’s Drug Czar, Gil Kerlikowske seems to be taking a cue from his boss — backtracking slightly on his original stance on medical pot. He reports, the White House is “interested in the potential marijuana may have” medicinally for the patients in need of help. The reports that the elements in marijuana, THC and cannabinoids, cannot be swept under the rug left in a haze forever. But much like his mentor, Kerlikowske likes to play both sides of the fence. In another unrelated report, he backs Nixon’s drug war policies — agreeing they were “based on science and research, not ideology or politics.” The ‘drug czar’ also disallowed a rule change permitting veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder to use medical marijuana for treatment — currently PTSD sufferers are still in pursuit of legalizing weed.

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Obama’s henchmen have been more focused on attacking medical pot dispensaries more than any other administration – yet Kerlikowske’s brief pro marijuana statement may be a blunt precursor showing that Obama’s posse are finally understanding the backbone of scientific research, not just swayed by politics and cash.

The Justice Deparment, Haag and the rest of the federal institution have continually raided marijuana clubs, knowing the collectives they are assaulting have state legalized medical marijuana voted by the people. With such ambiguity, no one person knows the outcome of where the beautiful, green cannabis plant will end up.

It’s clear as the 1st African-American president, Obama was assisted by the fight against racial discrimination and stereotypes during the 60s. With the ball on his court to possibly tear down the high walls of marijuana prohibition, will Obama go back to his old stoner roots and start the evolution process. But much like gay marriage, we the people are watching evolution run its course. There’s more than 1 route to alter federal law, especially with cannabis, we are just at the infantile stages. Evolution takes time. Hold on Mr. Darwin, we know it takes time — Hopefully, Barack will be the 1st chain in the link…

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  1. rick james jr on

    I can’t seem to wrap my head around the discrepancies between federal and state laws.. they need to agree with each other somehow…

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