Lets Legalize Marijuana for the Sake of Mother Earth


The malicious witch-hunt on pot has made its way back to the roots of its huntee, Mother Earth – From where marijuana was once born.

Toxic, poisonous chemicals used on high-end illegal growing marijuana farms spread throughout the forest may be inadvertently poisoning and killing rare forest creatures. According to a study from UC Davis, in a joint effort with the Wildlife Conservation Society and the Integral Ecology Research Center, cultivated data unveils fishers (a rodent-like mammal) are being subjected to poison from use of anticoagulant rodenticides (AR). It’s improbable the poisons came from a legal source and most likely came from illegal marijuana cultivation setups.

Exposure likely occurred where fisher habitats overlapped illegal marijuana growing operations, which used high levels of pesticides and poisons to protect their budding harvest. Studies also reveal that over 3.6 million pot plants were confiscated and rooted away from state and federal areas in California – home of what many people consider to have the most dank and chronic medical marijuana in the country, when allowed to cultivate legally.

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With fishers in danger – will other rare and endangered forest animals roll up and follow suit? Conservationist and biologists fear this may start a rippling wave into the habitats of red foxes, condors, spotted owls, wolverines and martens. Their food supply could also be in high peril because the toxins could wipe out groups of prey like rats, mice and other rodents – crippling the food chain. Questions also rise about long-term effects on environmental effects of illegal cannabis gardens that are sprayed with hazardous fumes, which grow in toxicity as animals grow in resistance.

Mourad Gabriel, the lead author of the study at UC Davis, was surprised the findings about marijuana unearthed high levels of toxins in the animals. “This really opens up a can of worms.” He says “to humans, the threat is the poisons used in marijuana gardens can go into other species … such as game resources for humans. It does pose a risk.” Officials fear the toxic chemicals sprayed on guerrilla growing marijuana ops could endanger humans that are sold the illegal weed. Smoking laced marijuana with poisons has consequences parallels to tobacco cigarettes.

California authorities have blamed illegal pot growing gardens on state land with environmental harm. Wayne Jensen, Humboldt County Sgt. and leader of the drug task force, says the high scale growing cannabis sites are normally tied to drug trafficking, criminal underground organizations — the same ones that use public state land, use high levels of poisons and laced fertilizers, and destroys grooves of forest. Water resources are also re-routed which cultivates massive waste in native watering holes. Killing wildlife and vegetation or any threat that may intrude on the illegal marijuana operation is just a process. A process legal medical marijuana growers have no idea of.

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With California struggling with marijuana cultivation on state lands amongst its financial problems, there may be no immediate aid to Mother Earth. With the lands ravaged by ‘illegal’ pot growing ops and dangerous traffickers, the state has no money to allocate in the effort to clean the trafficker’s outdoor grow room. California State Parks spokesman Roy Stearns stated, “We do not have a Department budget at the State level that is set aside and identified as funding to go toward marijuana eradication and the cleanup of pot gardens. They must find the money in their existing budget to do the work if they wish to take action.”

It appears as though maintaining our environment is not high on the totem pole for authorities. May we discuss marijuana laws? Could pursuit of terminating marijuana prohibition be simply put on the table for intellectual discussion rather than letting Mother Earth wither away? Will legalizing marijuana aid in the beautification of our planet, by having regulated- maintained marijuana gardens? Will legal bud be a bullet in the underground world? Will cannabis help the economy by taxation and help increase…..before jumping the gun, let’s simply start off with getting Mary Jane legalized. Mother Earth probably has her vote.

Source: Marijuana.com


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